Top Ten Best Gothic Romance Authors

Please Note: The House on Black Lake has been adapted to screenplay. To view provocative trailer by award winning cinematographer in gothic setting, go to Home Page.

In the last year since my novel was published I have spoken with many readers who crave gothic novels and movies, but are tired of the paranormal variety - particularly those with a vampire slant, since it is so overdone. It is hard to find good gothic literature these days, but the classics are still just as powerful as they were when written by the best gothic writers.

When I set out to write "The House on Black Lake" I had no intention of writing a contemporary gothic romance/suspense. In fact, I was shocked when my editor told me that is exactly what I had written. Only when I went to the specific description of the genre did I realize that my novel was clearly contemporary gothic in all aspects.  It contains the dark, brooding hero, remote location, heroine in distress, deserted Victorian, hints of the supernatural, dark secrets, transgression, heredity curses, mystics, gypsies, and supersticious rituals. To inhabit this world is to leave leave behind modern cultural mores and venture to a place where lessons about life are learned on a much deeper level. It has been asserted that early gothic literature gave a voice to women's deep rooted fear about their own powerlessness and imprisonment within patriarchy. I can also assert that my story reflects this concern, centuries later. It has also been asserted that too much of the rational can leave one blind to supernatural truths. A tale is also a  source of empowerment,  a safe place to fight the villains, face fear, and potentially win. Gothic romance has been described "a pleasurable terror". In my case I perceive it as "enticing danger".

I have listed the best authors from this genre, some also write in different genres, but all are excellent in their craft. So, whichever book you read, you will be satisfied with the journey.

1. Victoria Holt

2. Mary Stewart

3. Jennifer St. Giles

4. Daphne Du Maurier

5. Charlotte Bronte

6. Emily Bronte

7.Eve Silver

8. Lisa Kleypas

9. Barbara Michaels

10. Anne Radcliffe - Her novel, the Mysteries of Udolpho is said to the a classic archetypal gothic romance that was to inspire many others.

I must also single out a male who is said to be the father of the genre. Horace Walpole wrote The Castle of Otranto in 1764, and it is said to be the first gothic romance.

Scene from House on Black Lake Trailer.

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