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An Intoxicating Journey into the Montreal Underworld . . .
Trailer filmed by acclaimed cinematographer Frazer Bradshaw, original soundtrack by Peter Busboom. Features actors Benny Duskin, Anastasia Blackwell, Morla Gorrondona, Benny Duskin and Tosh Yanez.

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The House on Black Lake is an intoxicating ride into the underworld of Montreal society, where the power elite cavort with mystics, gypsies, and soothsayers, and create their own rules. The Gothic Thriller chronicles a troubled woman's journey to vacation with her son in an enclave of summer homes, where she is drawn into a seductive web of dark secrets and deadly intentions.

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The Only Hope of Redemption Lies In the Unknown . . .

Photographs by David Wilson feature Benny, Tosh Yanez, Anastasia Blackwell, Wade Russell, and Morla Gorrondona at Chateau Tivoli B & B and Stern Grove, San Francisco.

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May 22, 20193 years ago

Author, Anastasia Blackwell at W Hotel Hollywood Gala following IFS Awards Presentation

Author of "The House on Black Lake" and "The Chamber of Curiosities", Anastasia Blackwell, co-stars in award-winning new thriller. She attended red carpet award ceremony at Regal LA Live where film, "Miriam Graves" won "Best Thriller". Gala followed at the W Hotel in Hollywood.

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May 22, 20193 years ago

Anastasia Blackwell Co-Stars in Award-Winning Thriller at IFS Los Angeles Film Festival

Anastasia Blackwell, author of novel/screenplays, "The House on Black Lake" and "The Chamber of Curiosities" co-stars in award-winning new film. "Miriam Graves", produced by Cinefina, was awarded "Best Thriller" by the IFS Los Angeles Film Festival, and was nominated from hundreds of submissions for "Best Picture".

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October 22, 20184 years ago

Anastasia Blackwell to attend Austin Screenwriters and Film Festival

Anastisia Blackwell will be in attendance for the 20th annual Austin Film Festival. The program features Jonathan Demme, Elaine May, Shane Black, Brian Helgeland, Barry Josephson, Callie Khouri, Vince Gilligan, Susan Sarandon, Norman Steinberg, and many other film luminaries.

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April 19, 20184 years ago

Anastasia Blackwell in Attendance at L. A. Times Book Festival

The house on black lake"]Anastasia Blackwell will be in attendance for a line-up of events at the L.A. Times Book Festival with a line-up of popular authors and celebrities.

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March 23, 20184 years ago

New Novel/Screenplay "The Chamber of Curiosities" to be Published in 2018

"The Chamber of Curiosities", a Romantic Fantasy set in a carnival in an ancient land, tells the tale of starred crossed lovers, Darne Veskka, a charismatic giant in the freak show and Clare Dupree, a love young aerialist.

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March 10, 20184 years ago

Anastasia Blackwell Attends Sundance Film Festival 2018

Anastasia Blackwell was in attendance at the the Sundance Film Festival 2015. She is in discussion with producers regarding screenplay for gothic suspense "The House on Black Lake" and romantic fantasy "The Chamber of Curiosities", as well as discussing future independent acting projects, and enjoying the line-up of wonderful new films.