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 Anastasia Blackwell

Anastasia Blackwell is an accomplished writer, director, producer, actress, and voice-over artist, who  has written and co-produced acclaimed commercial  and promotional campaigns for a major television network affiliate. She is the recipient of awards for outstanding achievement in theater, and has won accolades as a versatile voice-over artist.  She received a BS in Sociology and a MA in Theater Arts. Further training includes tutelage from reknowned masters of writing and story telling in literature and film.

Anastasia produced, directed, and performed in the cinematic trailer for her  debut novel and created  music videos based on the dramatic scenes. She collaborated with some of the most talented filmmakers, musicians, and actors in the Bay Area and nationwide.  Another first was the creation of a clothing and accessory line, based on the contemporary gothic/French gypsy style of the book, that had success nearly two years before the novel was published. She has adapted the novel to screenplay and is in the process of negotiating film rights.

Most recently she is the founder of WAM JAMS! a group founded to give writers, artists and musicians a community to collaborate and create new forms of art.

In December of 2010 she was honored to be invited to join the ranks of such reknowned authors as Stephen King, John Grisham and Nora Roberts and in an auction for a character name in her next project, The Chamber of Curiosities, in a fund raiser for The First Amendment Project. The novel was  completed in 2014 and will be published in 2015, with a screenplay to follow.

A thirst for adventure and travel has taken Anastasia on excursions all over the globe. She is an accomplished equestrian and her current passion is the flying trapeze.

Blackwell  is the proud parent of two sons and recently relocated from the Bay Area to Los Angeles, where she works as a professional actress, V/O artist, writer, and producer.

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