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OUTLAW NIGHT - a 1960's Teenage Road Trip into Native American Land

In her new young adult, coming-of-age romance, OUTLAW NIGHT, author Anastasia Blackwell explores the life of a teenage girl living in 1966, and the night that changes the course of her destiny.

1966, amidst turbulent change in America, Stacie Sheridan, a fifteen-year-old sophomore, falls in love-at-first-sight. The object of her obsession is Calvin Brewster, a star Portland, Oregon high school athlete and felon awaiting trial. At eighteen, he is a legal adult. Despite her parent’s strict rule she cannot ride in cars with boys, Stacie accepts Calvin’s invitation to join him and his buddy-in-crime on a road trip. The destination is a day of sun-bathing at the new Kah-Nee-Ta Hot Springs Indian Reservation public swimming pool.

Stacey enlists her thrill-seeking best friend, and they embark on a journey to the mysterious land. Not long after the foursome hits the border, their car breaks down. The guys are broke, and there is no money for gas, food, or repairs. Stranded, they must use their wits and cunning to survive the dangerous Native American territory. By nightfall, Stacie has transformed, and there is no turning back. An outlaw is born.

OUTLAW NIGHT is currently being adapted to a screenplay. This is the fourth novel published by Anastasia Blackwell. Her other works are contemporary gothic suspense,THE HOUSE ON BLACK LAKE,historical fantasy/ gothic romance, THE CHAMBER OF CURIOSITIES, and urban sci-fi fantasy, I AM HUMAN. Anastasia's stories are set in different time periods, in diverse genres, but all explore outcasts attempting to find a place in oppressive, patriarchal societies.

OUTLAW NIGHT by Anastasia Blackwell, e-book at Amazon



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Mirror of Souls

The House on Black Lake Music Video - Mirror of Souls

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Mysterious Encounter

The House on Black Lake Music Video - Mysterious Encounter

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THE PRICE OF TRUE LOVE by Anastasia Blackwell

istock_000003152787xsmall-erosWhen Alexandra Brighton first takes the eyes of Ramey Sandeley she is newly married and believes she is in love with her husband. She has been taught to accept a superficial concept of what love means, and her husband,Matthew Brighton, has the perfect pedigree. He is highly attractive, successful, well educated, and offers all the worldly goods one could desire. Yet, when she looks into the eyes of Ramey, she feels a dormant part of herself come alive, and nothing matters except the wild brilliance of this feeling. Ramey is also wildly handsome, successful, and newlywed. But there is a vast difference between the two. At their first meeting something both terrible and wonderful happens.

For the first time in her life, Alexandra comes viciously alive and experiences an explosive desires to run away with this stranger and free herself of the material world.   She's seized by fantasies of riding with him on a winged Pegasus or flying carpet to a world devoid of society - where there are only the two, nature, and nothing else but candlelight, moonlight, bonfires, forbidden writings, crashing waves, thunder, chilling rain, strange bazaars, burning sands, exotic plains, skin on skin, dangerous animals, bareback rides, swinging through trees, danger, inside and out.

In a startling flash, she realizes she is daily judged and heavily reined in by the world around her and nearly owned by a husband who is more master than equal lover. It's now infinitely clear she doesn't even know her husband, let alone understand the nature of his soul. Yet Ramey speaks to her without words - and those unspoken words are powerful. Alexandra has found a true love for her lost soul, but the possibility of their union cannot be achieved until she has claimed the right to this kind of love. And, this will involve many years of great hardship, trials and sorrow.

True Love comes unexpected and unbidden, and when it strikes it  both destroys and creates. It will not be denied. For those who settle for less there is no journey. For those who are bestowed the gift and choose to follow, there is a heavy price to pay. It will be nearly thirteen years before Alexandra once again lays eyes on the man who destroyed what she believed an idyllic life, and awakened the brutality of  true love.  Her days on Black Lake will further peal away the layers of her encased soul to release the divinely idyllic within - the spot where True Love unites. 

Anastasia Blackwell

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THE PATH TO GLORY - Anastasia Blackwell







Are Romance Novels Taboo?

ist2_6340140-vintage-love-book1When I set out to write The House on Black Lake, I did not consider the genre of the book. I only knew I had a story to tell that was so powerful, it consumed much of my time and passion for the next four years.  When the book was fully edited, I was told I must find a genre to market my book to a niche audience.  My editor had warned me that many agents will turn you down outright if you mention the words "romance" or "erotic."  So, I chose "psychological thriller", an apt title for a book about a woman's journey into the dark shadows of herself.  However, I quickly realized I was on the wrong course.

I solicited a second opinion from another agent, asking for an analysis of the first few chapters. I was aghast when she informed me my book was a "contemporary gothic romance", or "erotic gothic romance." I  professed to have never read a tawdry romance or erotica novel, although I had read many erotic and romantic literary works. I associated the former with lonely women locked in loveless marriages, who lived their lives through others.  These books were certainly not for an independent and adventurous woman such as myself.

Some have called romance novels porn for women, and they, with only a few exceptions, are generally viewed with distain by the literary commununity.  Of course, it is a fact that many romance novels are poorly crafted and feed off the needs of women who desire to lead more vibrant lives than allowed by mainstream society.  Yet, there have been masterpieces of romantic literature, most promintently Du Maurnier's Rebecca, the Bronte sisters and the works of  Jan Austin.  Whether or not they deserve respect, the romance and erotic factories are where the majority of books are sold, in times of affluence and in time of depression. Romance and erotica are what a large population of women want, despite the taboo.

Yet, it can be successfully argued that every book is a romance novel.   In every genre of fiction, romance drives the novel. Love/ Passion for "someone or something" creates conflict and drama. Even in the most male driven books, some kind of romantic influence generally finds its way into the plot.  So, all books incorporate elements of  romance, and it is time to come out of the closet.  Human beings strive for love and a sense of completeness with an opposing other.  It is true of both men and women.

I chose the genre,"Neo Gothic Suspence," not because I want to avoid stigma and lose readers like myself,  but because it would be redundant to call it a "romance novel".  The House on Black Lake is a journey into a woman's soul.  It is highly  provocative,  romantic and erotic, because that's want we want- taboo or not.