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https://houseonblacklake.com/wp-content/uploads/Untitled-design-12-300x300 The Chamber of Curiosities - a medieval fantasy

Gothic Tale,'The Chamber of Curiosities' New Podcast

The Chamber of Curiosities, a medieval fantasy, by Anastasia Blackwell is now available on all major podcast servers. The audio is narrated by the author and will be available in ten segments of a series.

The Chamber of Curiosities Podcast

‘The night of the blue moon’ is a rare event. The townspeople and visitors to Tressaria throng to the carnival, staged in an ancient fortress overlooking a vibrant seaport. But, not everyone is free to join the revelry. Darné Veskka, stands at the bars of a cage consumed by loneliness. In the late hours aerialist, Clare Dupree, breaks inside - armed with a razor and obsession. Her quest is to shave off his beard to see his face. The giant who has never felt a woman’s touch, threatens her - but ultimately succumbs. And, their pact marks the dawn of a new age in Tressaria, and plants the seed of revolution.

The dark fantasy is set in the fictional seaport, where ‘Coin is King’ and citizens pawns to whims of their debauched rulers. Mr. Beedro’s Carnival is a lucrative business, with games, flying shows, equestrian acts, feasts, flesh and alcohol for sale. The Freak Show lies at its heart and is a pleasant distraction for citizens, sailors, and visiting traders to gloat over those less unfortunate. It is here the giant of a man, Darné Veskka, billed as The Human Beast, lives in a cage with other ‘mistakes of nature’.

The Chamber of Curiosities Podcast

Hope you enjoy listening to The Chamber of Curiosities, and please share, review, subscribe, and reach out to Anastasia Blackwell on social sites.


I AM HUMAN - Urban Sci-Fi Fantasy Complete Podcast Narration

Anastasia Blackwell's audio narration of novel/screenplay, I AM HUMAN is now available on all podcast servers. The urban sci-fi fantasy, in three episodes, here for free listening.

The e-book can be purchased on Amazon: I AM HUMAN


I AM HUMAN - Part III Available as Podcast

The third, and final episode of Urban Sci-Fi Fantasy, I AM HUMAN, is now available on all major podcast servers. The audio narration is an adaptation of up-coming novel/screenplay, written and narrated by author/actress Anastasia Blackwell.

The e-book and novel are scheduled to be released in early 2020. The podcast was produced in association with B. Renegade Productions and Wild Wind Studios.



I AM HUMAN - Part II Now Available on Podcast Players

Urban sci-fi fantasy novel, I AM HUMAN, by Anastasia Blackwell, is scheduled to be published in early 2020. A screenplay, based on the book, is currently in negotiation.

An early release on the story has been published as a podcast. Part 1 went live on New Year's Eve 2019, and Parts I was broadcast January 7, 2020 and Part III is scheduled for release in mid-January.

The story is narrated by author/actress Anastasia Blackwell, in association with B. Renegade Productions and Wild Wind Studios.


I AM HUMAN - urban sci-fi fantasy - Part 1 Podcast

I AM HUMAN, an urban sci-fi fantasy novel, is scheduled to be published in early 2020. A screenplay, based on the book, is currently in negotiation with studios.

An early release on the story has been published as a podcast. Part 1 goes live on New Year's Eve 2019, and Parts Two and Three are scheduled for publication in subsequent weeks.

The story is narrated by author/actress Anastasia Blackwell, in association with B. Renegade Productions and Wild Wind Studios.



Writer/Actress Anastasia Blackwell Co-Stars in Awarding-Winning Thriller at IFS LA Film Festival

Feature film, "Miriam Graves" produced by Cinefina, was awarded "Best Thriller" at the IFS Film Festival on Saturday, May 18, 2019 at the Regency LA Live. It received its international Preview on May 16, 2019. And, was also a nominee for Best Picture, chosen from over 200 entries.

Anastasia Blackwell plays the part of Sarah, the sister of protagonist, Miriam Graves, who is also her savior and rival. The film follows a woman suffering from mental illness in the City of Angels, where the beauty that surrounds her is in stark contrast to the dark world that claims to claim her sanity, and life.

The film paints a poignant picture of the struggles of the lonely souls we pass on the streets while seeking to fulfill dreams in a city that rewards the beautiful and successful.




New Romantic Fantasy, 'The Chamber of Curiosities', Explores LGBT Themes

New Romantic Fantasy, The Chamber of Curiosities, by Anastasia Blackwell, offers fans seductive LGBT characters. The gothic tale, set in a carnival in a fictitious medieval land, boasts males and females who break sexual role barriers. 

The characters include:

Clare Dupree - Heroine and  lover of protagonist, Darne Veskka. She is cross-dresser, who has lived as  young male, and has fondness for wielding daggers. Her talent for aerial arts and arm strength are said to rival that of any male.

Thereon - A winged man from land in another dimension. He is brave leader, graced with huge black wings, rugged features, plumed tresses, and athletic body accented with leather straps and holster. Bisexual who gains trust of seductive carnival catcher, Aubrey Fedderah.

Aubrey Fedderah - Catcher of aerial act, radiates glow difficult for anyone to resist. Fair, wavy hair graze his shoulders and frame a fine-boned face, with steely gray eyes, and dazzling smile. He is attracted to both male and female, but finds love with Thereon.

Borastain Caston - Son of  preeminent ruler, Metapator Caston, is homosexual, with dark. masochistic side. His charisma, style, and attitude, makes him role-model for new generation of Tressarians.

Cayne the Dungeon Master - Cayne has been trained to service males in the Pleasure Dens, and uses knowledge of pleasure to inflict pain to maximum effect. His training sessions with Darne Veskka alter both men’s perspectives, in ways they never would have imagined.

Jossa, Anatisia, and Brianni - Bisexual young women, employed in Pleasure Dens, who initiate  virginal Darne Veskka into sensual pleasures.


New Romantic Fantasy, 'The Chamber of Curiosities', Explores Life in Ancient Carnival

Seductive new Romantic Fantasy, The Chamber of Curiosities , by Anastasia Blackwell, is now available in both paperback and ebook on Amazon.

The tale chronicles journey of charismatic, Darne Veskka, featured as 'The Human Beast' in 'The Chamber of Curiosities', and  beautiful young aerialist, Clare Dupree, who's obsession drives him to fight for his freedom. Set in an ancient land, where 'Coin is King', they join forces with kindred spirits to plot against debauched governors who enslave them.3d render white



New Romantic Fantasy Delves into Sensuous World of Ancient Carnival

READERS NOTE: Seductive New Romantic Fantasy, The Chamber of Curiosities is now available. Be the first to read, review and discuss the provocative book. The love story between a charismatic carnival giant and a beautiful aerialist blends the romance of Beauty and the Beast and intensity of Game of Thrones. Many taboo themes and sinful acts are explored including:

  1. Cheating hero
  2. Adultery and infidelity
  3. Older woman/younger man
  4. Crazy Love
  5. Obsessive/Possessive/Jealous men and women
  6. Forced Love
  7. Alpha Males
  8. Betrayal
  9. Powerful Alpha Females
  10. Winged Human

It is an erotic tale, a love story, and filled with adventure and self-empowerment.

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New Romantic Fantasy, "The Chamber of Curiosities", Available Mother's Day - 2017

Creative Revolution Media has announced availability of new Romantic Fantasy, The Chamber of Curiosities for pre-order on Amazon, with Kindle books being delivered on Mother's Day, May 14, 2017.

The tale opens on the mysterious night of a full blue moon, when beautiful aerial artist, Claire Dupree breaks into the cage of charismatic giant, Darne Veskka, featured as the The Human Beast in the carnival freak show. Her obsession is to shave him so that she can see his face. The young man, who has never felt a woman’s touch, threatens her life at the intrusion. But, the troubled beauty seduces him into allowing her to strip him with a blade. Their transgression ignites a fierce passion and Darne’s dramatic transformation enflames townspeople’s superstitions to set the stage for revolution in the ancient land of Tressaria where they are held captive.

The Chamber of Curiosities is filled with characters, both provocative and profane, who hinder and aid the couple on their journey for redemption. It is a passionate tale - erotic, dangerous tory, filled with infidelity, crazy love, jealousy, obsession, violence, powerful alpha males and females, bondage and betrayal. Characters are both godlike in their physical perfection and obscene – scarred, tattooed and depraved.

Set in Mr. Beedro’s carnival overlooking the port of an ancient land, the suspense filled Romantic Fantasy brings to life a world where women must empower themselves and the men they love, and risk their lives to challenge a government where coin is king, and citizens are held in servitude to the patriarchal elite.

Gothic undertones blend Beauty and the Beast romanticism and Game of Thrones harsh realism, to explore how ‘the only hope of redemption lies in the unknown’.