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March 3, 20119 years ago

Cinematographer Frazer Bradshaw Nominee for Spirit Award

The cinematographer for The House on Black Lake trailer, Frazer Bradshaw, was nominated for a coveted Spirit Award this year for best first feature for his film Everything Strange and New. He wrote, directed, and filmed his deput feature. He joins other notable nominees, such as Black Swan, Winter's Bone, The Kids Are Alright, 127 Hours, Greenburg, and Rabbit Hole.

His first short film Every Day Here premiered at the SundanceFilm Festival, and went on to make three more shorts that played at major film festivals. He has worked on over 200 projects as a DP. He is a trained  artist, with a unique eye for the visual and is considered within the indie world as a pure independent artist, respected for having never sold out.

 Everything New and Strange was written and shot in 2007 and premiered at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival. It went on to win awards at festivals around the world, and continues to win him accolades as an indie pioneer.

He is a true artist, with an integrity  few can claim.