November 23, 2010 Posted by Anastasia Blackwell in Media, Press

Author Announces New Romantic Suspense, "The Chamber of Curiosities", To Be Published In 2011

Anastasia Blackwell, author of "The House on Black Lake" , has announced she is currently in the process of writing a new romantic suspense, set for publication in late 2011. "The Chamber of Curiosities" is set in a carnival housed in a deserted bastion in a mysterious land at the cusp of an industrial revolution. It features a love story between a charismatic freak show giant and a beautiful young trapeze artist. Set on a plateau over looking a vibrant seaport and a harsh surrounding landscape, the story investigates how greed and the allure of the exotic and unknown influences the evolution of society.

The carnival atmosphere and bustling seaport town offer the opportunity to create complex characters and intense dramatic conflict. The novel will be a sensuous, romantic, and brutal look into a fantastical world, not unlike our own.

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