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"The body, heart, and soul must find unity before one can fully unite with another human being."

"In the course of a human life there is often a defining moment, a glimmer of time when everything changes and there is no turning back."

"When you feel fear it is a signal to take action, but the action is not always to run away."

" There is something fierce, ugly, powerfully wild and out of control that's trapped inside me and I'm terrified of what might happen if I set it free."

"The world creates predators struggling for survival; it is the civilization of man that has created the monsters."

"A woman who is mother, lover, wife, and virgin, a woman who has been seeded by the God of the Universe, that is what haunts me - the impossibility of her beauty and perfection."

"Peace is the quiet that follows chaos, they abide together, the two, and cannot be separated."

"Love is the only way to break the bond of separation."

"It is painful to grow, but worse to stagnate."

"The weak attract the weak, the strong attract the strong."

"One who has never known  failure cannot appreciate  success."

"To Art and Commerce - may they never sleep together!"

"Faith is a bet you can't lose."

"The only hope of redemption lies in the unknown."

"The mistress is the one who is adored, because she can never be owned."

"It's not the fox in the forest you should fear; it is the rat in the cellar that steals your food while you are sleeping."

"The only way to free yourself is to understand what drives your suppressors."

"Fate makes no mistakes."

"He  explores with the assurance of a man who has known many woman, yet caresses with the wonder of a man who has never seen or felt a woman"

"We feel love because we wish to create, not replicate."

"Changes brought through blood will never lead to an evolution of mankind. If we continue to replicate, and shed blood we're doomed."

"You're either in or out in matters of faith. To have faith you must trust without reservation."

"Art is the expression of human passion. There are many manners of expression and benefits of its manifestation. But the foremost function is not to inspire, entertain, or educate. It is to monitor society. Without art, society has no conscience, no method for reflection, revelation or change.

"If you transform one human being through your perceptions, you may eventually change the evolution of the world. When you convey what is inside yourself the subconsciousness of humanity shifts."


"Never surrender your passions."

"The purpose of an adventure is to not know where you are headed."

"Boldness awakens when we trust in ourselves."

"Every person who enters our life comes with purpose. Their contribution cannot often be measured, bit it is there nevertheless."

"Always set sail with the wind at your back."

"Memories cannot harm you unless you give them power."

"There is a touch of the wicked in the full moon of a midsummer’s night. They say the spirit and soul awaken with the forces of nature and unleash closeted secrets and desires, best left locked safely away where they belong."


"Beauty is nothing without a dark river running through it."

"Sometimes a female firefly will get real hungry and send out a mimic, the flash of a female from a different species to attract one of their males. When he arrives, she eats him alive. They're a lot like humans, the fireflies."

"True beauty is an illusion. It is the vision of a unique spirit speaking to the world through a mortal image. A few are true beauties, the rest are clones."

"One must lead, not follow. Embrace the spirit of the Goddess and never look back to the pack for reassurance."

"The death of the spirit is the cruelest of deaths."

"Women censor; men conquer and destroy."

"Beauty is a false goddess. She will lead you to many shores, but cannot teach you how to explore the lands you have conquered."

"Fearlessness is the goddess who carries the most power. However, she is rarely admired, as she does not seek the drug of admiration, and rarely seen, as she is always on the move."

"When you accept your true beauty, others will imitate and follow."

"A hidden truth is like the seedling of a giant tree. It germinates quietly in darkness and sends out long tangled roots to such up nutrients. Finally it bursts forth, casting branches and leaves to steal sunlight from other vegetation. A hidden truth can taint and pollute for generations."

"If something is based on a lie, you cannot make it right or true. The same goes for the opposite."

"Illuminate your possibilities. Make your dreams come true."

"If I die in the moment, it will be worth the sacrifice, if only to experience this feeling once in a lifetime."

"We do not own the past or future. It is only the moment that exists. The rest is illusion."

"The body is the temple of God. Pleasure is his gift. It is meant to be savored, not repressed or feared."

"A man is made a man by how he treats a woman, and the same holds for the opposite."

"The self must first be know before it can be clothed or accessorized."

"Intuition is your guardian angel."

"The human body is not meant to be clothed in darkness."

"There is purity in darkness. In darkness anything is possible."

"The body and soul are not for another's taking - that privilege is earned through commitment and trust."

"And you will know the truth. . . and the truth will set you free."

"How do you decide what's crazy, right or wrong, unless you've tried it?"

"The line of time is the one thing that cannot be crossed."

"If we allow ourselves to be disarmed by others, we don't have a chance to fight for our dreams."

"It's ironic, don't you think? You made a deal with God for your personal destiny, and I made a deal with the Devil for power and money, and neither of us has found what we were searching for."

"What if everything you believe to be true is false? What if the entire foundation of your belief system is a load of crap?"

"We feel love because we wish to create, not replicate."

"Changes sought through blood will never lead to an evolution of mankind. If we continue to shed blood and replicate we're doomed."

"Our love will create an evolution of mankind that will change the course of the universe."

"The whores of injustice will no longer feed from the blood of the meek."

"You are either in or out in matters of faith. To have faith one much trust without reservation."

"Before you  can begin a new life you  must first seek transformation. And that can only happen by letting go of  false values and embracing all aspects of yourself, especially the most distasteful, as they hold the greatest power."

"Waves of bliss and terror collide, and give birth to a newborn feeling, utterly nameless."

"Sacrifice means nothing unless you are willing to give up something you cannot live without."

"We must be careful what we bring to life."

"A betrayer rarely limits himself to one act of malice."

"The future cannot be embraced until you face the death of the past."

"Dawn awakens hope and with it new dreams are spun."

"The tattered remnants of the past give way to an uknown future, a beauty stitched together with gilded threads of truth."

"I stand at the end of the world, or the beginning of a new world - it's difficult to tell the difference."

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