New Romantic Fantasy, 'The Chamber of Curiosities', Explores LGBT Themes

New Romantic Fantasy, The Chamber of Curiosities, by Anastasia Blackwell, offers fans seductive LGBT characters. The gothic tale, set in a carnival in a fictitious medieval land, boasts males and females who break sexual role barriers. 

The characters include:

Clare Dupree - Heroine and  lover of protagonist, Darne Veskka. She is cross-dresser, who has lived as  young male, and has fondness for wielding daggers. Her talent for aerial arts and arm strength are said to rival that of any male.

Thereon - A winged man from land in another dimension. He is brave leader, graced with huge black wings, rugged features, plumed tresses, and athletic body accented with leather straps and holster. Bisexual who gains trust of seductive carnival catcher, Aubrey Fedderah.

Aubrey Fedderah - Catcher of aerial act, radiates glow difficult for anyone to resist. Fair, wavy hair graze his shoulders and frame a fine-boned face, with steely gray eyes, and dazzling smile. He is attracted to both male and female, but finds love with Thereon.

Borastain Caston - Son of  preeminent ruler, Metapator Caston, is homosexual, with dark. masochistic side. His charisma, style, and attitude, makes him role-model for new generation of Tressarians.

Cayne the Dungeon Master - Cayne has been trained to service males in the Pleasure Dens, and uses knowledge of pleasure to inflict pain to maximum effect. His training sessions with Darne Veskka alter both men’s perspectives, in ways they never would have imagined.

Jossa, Anatisia, and Brianni - Bisexual young women, employed in Pleasure Dens, who initiate  virginal Darne Veskka into sensual pleasures.