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Gothic/Fantasy Love Story Set In Circus Slated For Publication in 2011

I have begun work on a new novel titled "The Chamber of Curiosities" that features a love story between a charismatic freak show giant and a beautiful young trapeze artist. The story is a romantic suspense set in an mysterious land on the cusp of industrial revolution. For adult  fans of novels that incorporate elements of fantasy with gothic realism, such as Harry Potter and Twilight, the book will offer a provocative look into the world of a unique carnival, and of a passionate love that is as innocent and pure as it is fierce and determined to prevail. 

Late 2011 has been targeted for completion of novel.


New Novel 'The Chamber of Curiosities' Begins on Twitter

I have given myself a challenge. I plan to begin my new novel, "The Chamber of Curiosities"  a few sentences at a time on Twitter.  It is the tale of a charismatic circus freak and a lonely trapeze artist set in a carnival on a bastion overlooking the seaport of a mysterious land. I plan to begin here, and see where it takes me.

UPDATE:  This post was written on April 7, 2010. ''The Chamber of Curiosities' began on Twitter. Later that year it was featured in an auction for the "First Amendment Project" in which a bidder won the right to have a character named after them.  The novel is now (August 2012)  in the final editing process and is scheduled to be published late this year.

The Chamber of Curiosities





Romantic Scene Filmed in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. Stars Tosh Yanez and Anastasia Blackwell

The House on Black Lake




Gothic Romance

Photograh from "The House on Black Lake" taken during filming of trailer at Chateau Tivoli in San Francisco. Picture depicts scene from novel in which Alexandra succumbs to charms of French Canadian artist, Andre Labat in St. Agathes Des Mont, outside Montreal. Features Anastasia Blackwell and Tosh Yanez.