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Tag: historical romance The Chamber of Curiosities - a medieval fantasy

Gothic Tale,'The Chamber of Curiosities' New Podcast

The Chamber of Curiosities, a medieval fantasy, by Anastasia Blackwell is now available on all major podcast servers. The audio is narrated by the author and will be available in ten segments of a series.

The Chamber of Curiosities Podcast

‘The night of the blue moon’ is a rare event. The townspeople and visitors to Tressaria throng to the carnival, staged in an ancient fortress overlooking a vibrant seaport. But, not everyone is free to join the revelry. Darné Veskka, stands at the bars of a cage consumed by loneliness. In the late hours aerialist, Clare Dupree, breaks inside - armed with a razor and obsession. Her quest is to shave off his beard to see his face. The giant who has never felt a woman’s touch, threatens her - but ultimately succumbs. And, their pact marks the dawn of a new age in Tressaria, and plants the seed of revolution.

The dark fantasy is set in the fictional seaport, where ‘Coin is King’ and citizens pawns to whims of their debauched rulers. Mr. Beedro’s Carnival is a lucrative business, with games, flying shows, equestrian acts, feasts, flesh and alcohol for sale. The Freak Show lies at its heart and is a pleasant distraction for citizens, sailors, and visiting traders to gloat over those less unfortunate. It is here the giant of a man, Darné Veskka, billed as The Human Beast, lives in a cage with other ‘mistakes of nature’.

The Chamber of Curiosities Podcast

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New Romantic Fantasy, 'The Chamber of Curiosities', Explores LGBT Themes

New Romantic Fantasy, The Chamber of Curiosities, by Anastasia Blackwell, offers fans seductive LGBT characters. The gothic tale, set in a carnival in a fictitious medieval land, boasts males and females who break sexual role barriers. 

The characters include:

Clare Dupree - Heroine and  lover of protagonist, Darne Veskka. She is cross-dresser, who has lived as  young male, and has fondness for wielding daggers. Her talent for aerial arts and arm strength are said to rival that of any male.

Thereon - A winged man from land in another dimension. He is brave leader, graced with huge black wings, rugged features, plumed tresses, and athletic body accented with leather straps and holster. Bisexual who gains trust of seductive carnival catcher, Aubrey Fedderah.

Aubrey Fedderah - Catcher of aerial act, radiates glow difficult for anyone to resist. Fair, wavy hair graze his shoulders and frame a fine-boned face, with steely gray eyes, and dazzling smile. He is attracted to both male and female, but finds love with Thereon.

Borastain Caston - Son of  preeminent ruler, Metapator Caston, is homosexual, with dark. masochistic side. His charisma, style, and attitude, makes him role-model for new generation of Tressarians.

Cayne the Dungeon Master - Cayne has been trained to service males in the Pleasure Dens, and uses knowledge of pleasure to inflict pain to maximum effect. His training sessions with Darne Veskka alter both men’s perspectives, in ways they never would have imagined.

Jossa, Anatisia, and Brianni - Bisexual young women, employed in Pleasure Dens, who initiate  virginal Darne Veskka into sensual pleasures.


300+ Romance Novels With Cheating Heroes

Morla Gorrondona, Wade Gotwals, and Anastasia Blackwell in Scene from "The House on Black Trailer"

Scene from "The House on Black Lake Trailer featuring Wade Gotwals, Anastasia Blackwell, and Morla Goronzola

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ATTENTION READERS: Seductive new Romantic Fantasy, The Chamber of Curiosities is now available. Be the first to read, review, and comment on the love story set in an ancient carnival.

Listed below are 325 novels that feature cheaters:


 1. A Counterfeit Betrothal by Mary Balogh - H drunk cheats w/ prostitute, while friends egg him on

2. Adora by Beatrice Small  - bodice ripper many spouses for H/h

3. A Marriage Made on Earth by Sheila Bishop - H/h newlyweds, but H idealizes married OW, letting her direct h and such, H always visiting OW - no physical cheating

4. A Matter of Duty by Sandra Heath - MOC, H cheats w/ married OW, H falls in love with h

5. Amber Flame AKA His Bonnie Bride by Hannah Howell - H kisses OW, h leaves; H goes after

6. A Passion Most Pure by  Julie Lessman  - H kisses h's sister; Christian

 7. A Valentine Wedding by Jane Feather  -h jilted H at alter when discovers he had a mistress

 8. Again and Again by Susan Johnson - H seduced his maid before story; erotic

9. Analise by Candace Camp - H makes h his mistress; H's family treats h poorly; H cheats

10. An Arranged Marriage by Jo Beverly - h raped by H's brother, H marries her; H sleeps w/ mistress because he is a spy and trying to get information

11. And Ladies of the Club  follows two women's lives, one husband cheats - not a true romance novel

12. An Unquestionable Lady by Rosina Pyatt - h/H MOC w/ sex for heir,  H cheats w/ OW

13. At her Service by Susan Johnson - H cheats, he is a spy; erotic

14. Beyond Scandal by Brenda Joyce - H/h forced to marry, unconsummated; H leaves and has mistresses

15. Blaze of Passion by Stephanie Blake  - h leaves fiancé for H, he cheats several times w/ several females

16. Bold Angel - H won't accept his feelings for h so cheats

17. Bold Conquest  by Virginia Henley- H married, cheats w/ h,  marries her when she believes her husband dead, later she beds H's friend

18. Bride of the Lionby Elizabeth Stuart -  H won't accept feeling for h so cheats

19. Bride of the Wind by Shannon Drake - H/h estranged he loved OW, found dead, he thinks h turned him in

20. Cactus Flower (Gone-to-Texas Trilogy Book 1) by Shirl Henke- H defends former fiancée, won't trust h, H has affair w/ prostitute

21. Caress and Conquer by Connie Mason bodice ripper  -H cheats w/ OW

22. Captive Angel by  Deana James  - H tells h he is tired of land life, takes mistress and son and sails away

23. Captive Passions by Fern Michaels - H cheats many times

24. Captive Embraces by Fern Michaels - sequel to Captive Passions- H/h divorce because she pushed him away after loss of child, he engaged to new woman and, h marries new woman's dad

25.Chandra Catherine Coulter - H cheats w/ slave girl that belonged to him; later redone into Warrior's Song

26. Consequences Sheila Bishop - H/h married w/ children, H cheated w/ maid and got her pregnant as well as others

27.Dancing with Clara - Mary Balogh  - H cheats many times; MOC

28. Duchess in Disguise, by Caroline Courtney - MOC - h is left in the country w/out consummating the marriage, and and H spents time in town w/ his mistress

29. Emerald Knight by Michelle M. Pillow - H cheats w/ servant few times, h catches him

30. Fire Song by Catherine Coulter - H rapist and cheats on h w/ servant

31. For Honor's Sake by Connie Mason - H cheats w/stepmom

32. Golden Lady, by Shirl Henke - h worked in brothel, someone tells H, he breaks off with her,  cheats, then  goes back after h

33. Harrigan's Bride, by Cheryl Reavis - H almost cheats but stopped by men walking in on them

34. Heaven Forbidsby  Karen Ranney- H/h affair, H is married to h's niece

35. Highland Vow, by Hannah Howell Highland - H loves OW who is a serial "blackwidow"; h saved H when h younger, meet again, h sees H kiss OW and reaffirming his love for her, h leaves, then learns more

36. If He's Wicked by Hannah Howell - H marries manipulative OW who is cheating w/ H's uncle, H cheats w/ h

37. If you Deceive by Kresley Cole - H to cheat w/ h's mom but changes his mind at  last minute, escapades witth others,h gives him another chance

38. Lady of Quality, by Rachelle Edwards - H cheats; H/h have kids, he falls in love w/mistress, h finds way to regain his interest

39. Last Chance My Love  by Lynne Connolly - H contemplates taking a mistress because the H/h have been advised not to have relations because another pregnancy could be detrimental to her health

40. Lord Clayborne's Fancy by Laura Matthews -H shocked that h missing hymen doubts virginity, cheats w/ ex

41.Love Once Again by Jo Ann Simon (sequel to Love Once in Passing) H cheats, after h returns to his time, with his former fiancée, historical 1st person

42. Love Remember Me, by  Jessie For - H sleeps w/ any willing female, sleeps w/ one for sake of spying, then h same night. Bodice ripper w/ incest, cheating H, kidnappings, and h gets roughed up

43. Love Song, Wind Song, Nightsong, by Valerie Sherwood - h/H meet in the 1st book and get together near end; 2nd book H meets OW and cheats, although H says he loves wife.  H cheats w/ OW on voyage, h takes up w/ OM, lover of OW. 

44. Love Storm, by  Susan Johnson  -H rapes h, MOC, and H constantly cheats

45. Love Unwilling, by Shirl Henke - H marries h then sleeps w/ servant who arranges to have wife kidnapped. H thinks she left him to cheat.

46. Love Wild and Fair by Bertrice Small - h raped several times, H cheats

47. Marna by Norah Hess - MOC h is 15-16 and H is 35; H takes up with  OW

48. Margarita by Joan Wolf  -H cheats w/ 2 OW because of his distrust of a woman's love

49.Masquerade in Venice by Velda Johnston  -H not married to h, cheats her cousin who is married; mystery

50. Miracles Judith McNaught - forced MOC. H cheats w/ OW

51. Moon Flower by  Shirl Henke - H cheats w/ mistress; h follows and confronts him, h leaves, H goes after h,  yet meets  w/ OW and mentions giving her another child

52. Mutual Consent Gayle Buck-  h/H MOC, H cheats w/ mistress

53. Never Call It Love Veronica Jason - true bodice ripper

54. Never Call It Loving Gail Link - H cheats w/ prostitute on wedding night and flirts with other women

55. Night Flower Shirl Henke -  h marries a friend of family who had crush on mom; H cheats w/ prostitute

56. Night Wind's Woman by  Shirl Henke- H thinks h cheated, so H does and throws it in her face

57. Not Quite a Husband by Sherry Thomas.  H cheated on the eve of his marriage, and h, a doctor, was called to the same house and saw H; she marries H despite transgression and is passive/aggressive for a year then asks for a divorce and goes to another country, story takes place 3 years after the divorce

58. Olivia and Jai by Rebecca Ryman. H warns h not to fall in love w/ him, yet she does. H sails off w/ OW, who is his cousin, h is a Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned type

59. Once and Always Judith McNaught - H cheats on wife

60. Once Upon A Scandal (Once Upon Scandal) Barbara Dawson Smith - h raped, H didn't know, h pregnant on wedding night, she tells him it could be one of many.  H leaves h destitute but returns to make a bargain

61.Passions of a Wicked Earl (London's Greatest Lovers Book 1) by Lorraine Heath - H leaves h on wedding day when catches her in arms of OM. He goes away and has affairs.
62. Perfect Sin by  Kat Martin -  H cheats w/ OW after he and h loose a child; then the H grovels to get h back

63. Prince of Dreams by Lisa Kleypas - H cheats several times, fathers a child, thrown back in time to a previous life w/ h where he learns to love, then tossed back to present

64. Private Arrangements by Sherry Thomas - h schemes to ensnare H, he finds out and abandons her after their wedding night; h/H estranged and both cheat, come back together when h wants a divorce and H agrees after she gives him an heir

65. Promise Me by Kathleen Harrington - H engaged, cheats with h, his first wife whom he divorced 6 years before in a scandal

66. Promise of the Rose Brenda Joyce - H serviced by maid, h confronts, claims will not do again, H/h estranged , H w/ OW but unable to find satisfaction except to meet physical needs

67. Risk Everything H seduces h, then marries OW and intends to consummate the marriage, but doesn't

68. Sapphire by Rosemary Rogers - H cheats w/ neighbor in the same house w/h

69. Sea Fire Karen Robards - H repeatedly rapes h, H cheats w/ OW; bodice ripper; sequel toIsland Flame

70. Seducing the Duchess by Ashley March  -H married h for revenge, keeps mistress, 3yrs later wants h, who is still celibate

71. Seized by Love Susan Johnson - H seduces h from her older husband, then cheats

72. Sexy as Hell Susan Johnson MOC but they can't keep their hands off each other, H cheats on h several times

73.  Silver Lining Maggie Osborne - H cheats on his fiancée w/h, h saved miners lives, one of which is H. They offer her anything and she wants a child, H's name drawn, they force them to marry

74. Sinful Charlotte Featherstone - H cheats w/ h; H marries OW

75. Still in My Heart by kathyrn Smith-  H/h engaged, he is an alcoholic and and one night mistakes h for sister

76. Tara's Song by Barbara Ferry Johnson - H has 2 wives, forces h to marry him, he cheats w/ servants,  rapes 2nd wife for refusing him: bodice ripper

77. Tender Fury by Connie Mason bodice ripper - H cheats throughout, h is raped and cheats too

78. Terms of Love by Shirl Henke - h marries stranger to get her inheritance and they fall in love. H tells her his secret (he's on run) before the law catches up with him, so he thinks she turned him in. He beats charges, then starts affair with her worst enemy. He comes home to divorce her and discovers a sad chain of events have occured since his departure.

79. Terms of Surrender Shirl Henke - H claims to love h, makes deal w/ h's father even though h engaged to OM, H seeing OW, H/h marry, h is cold to him and H continues to see OW

80. The Book of Scandal Julia London - H/h separate after death of infant; H lost in liquor and debauchery.  H insists h apologize for her thoughts of cheating while H actually did cheat.

81. The Captain's Doxy Lafayette Hammet - Bodice Ripper - h is 16, H is twice her age and a jealous cheating, abusive pirate who kidnaps and forces her; H cheats w/ OW, slave girl

82. The Coming Home Place Mary Spencer  -H cheats w/ OW, his first love. She returns from dead and he leaves wife by herself on her birthday to sit and wait

83. The Conqueror Brenda Joyce - H cheats w/ h, he married her sister for property, then forces one of his men to marry h, but he takes the wedding night for self

84. The Court of the Flowering Peach by Janette Radcliffe aka Rebecca Danton (Star Sapphire) - Emotional cheating and possibly physical by husband who wants his sister-in-law; cheating by wife who's neglected and unwanted by husband

85. The Devil's Love  by Julia London - H/h forced and tricked into marriage, H cheats w/ OW

86. The Duchess's Next Husband by Terri Brisbin- H has a mistress ,thinks he is dying ,and makes a list of husbands for his wife, h

87. The Earl Claims his Wife by  Cathy Maxwell - Married H believes he loves OW. He goes away to war and returns to mistress.  h prepares to take a lover. H learned mistress cheated.

88. The Fifth Kiss by Elizabeth Mansfield - H married to h's sister and has taken a mistress because of some physical problems between him and her sister; h condemns him for cheating on her sister

89. The French Bride by Evelyn Anthony - H cheats, set around French Revolution

90. The Harem Bride by Blair Bancroft - H saves from a harem and he marries her. Their marriage is not consummated, and they are estranged for years - H has OW

91. The Lady's Tutor  by Robin Schone - h cheats w/ H who is to tutor her so she can seduce her husband

92. Bride of the Lion by  Elizabeth Stuart - H cheats w/ OW doesn't want to love h

93. The Lover by Nicole Jordon - H cheats and writes,  gives details w/ him and OW; rewrite H kisses the OW but takes no further

94. The Marriage Bed by  Laura Lee Ghurke - estranged H cheats a lot then h/H get back together

95. The Obedient Bride by Mary Balogh - H keeps a mistress, h finds out and is devastated

96. The Offer by Catherine Coulter H/h forced marriage, H cheats on h lots, h follows H to OW

97. The Painted Lady Lucia Grahame H sees h years before w/ her husband and he falls in love, they run into each other when h is widowed, she has had a recent traumatic event, H gets her to marry him but she is cold and shut off, he cheats w/ OW that remind him of h

98. The Promise by Brenda Joyce h/H forced to wed, H has many OW

99. The Rake's Rainbow by Allison Lane - H obsessed w/ OW; h/H forced to marry, OW marries older man for title, H talks in his sleep about OW and h hears, h manages estate and is very independent, unlike dependent OW

100. The Rebel and the Rose by Joan Wolf Vanessa H at war cheats w/ OW a widow who gets pregnant and gives child to H who sends the baby to h; H gives OW money to move away to start a new life

101. The Stranger I Married - H/h MOC, unconsummated, agreed to have open relationship instead, H's married OW dies in childbirth(H's child) after he grieves, H comes to care for h via letters, H wants h's love, so H returns to win it, but later cheats again.

102. The Taming by Jude Devereau - H has a mistress for every day of the week, H/h is MOC; H is dirty, castle dirty and he needs h's money to fight an enemy; H sits the bed on fire when he is in it w/ OW

103. The Tea Rose by Jennifer Donnelly H drunk cheats w/ OW who gets pregnant marries, h goes on to make a success of self and returns years later

104. The Velvet Promise by Jude Deveraux - H forced to marry h for her money; H in love w/ OW who is evil, h is slapped and raped by H in course of book, OW manipulations began feud between Montgomerys and the Chatworths. 
105. The Way of the Heart by Cheryl Holt - h caught in compromising position, father forces h to wed H, H doesn't acknowledge daughter because deceased 1st wife cheated and doesn't know if she is his; H leaves h in country w/ daughter and returns to his old ways.

106. The Wives of Bowie Stone by Maggie Osborne - h knowing that she can save the life of a condemned man by offering to marry him, opts for a MOC to H, who promises to save her rundown farm as his part of the agreement. h doesn't know H is already married.(MOC ) H/h fall in love, H feels honor bound to his wife.

107. This Duchess of Mine (Desperate Duchess #5) - Eloisa James series - h walks in on H with mistress; runs off has 2 affairs over 9 years; H remains celibate

108. Thorn in my Heart, Fair is the Rose, and Whence Came a Prince - Liz Curtis Higgs - H falls in love w/ pretty sister, ends up w/ OS falls in love w/ her, goes back and forth. Christian based on Biblical story of Jacob, Sarah, and Leah

109. To the Castle by Joan Wolf - H cheats on h before they consummate the marriage

110. Vixen Jane Feather - H is h's guardian who is 17, he sleeps w/ her, then brings back OW and sleeps w/ her practically in front of h

111. Wanton Angel by Linda Lael Miller h/H lost a child, H takes up with other women, then goes off to be a soldier.  h leaves H and gets a divorce and returns to hometown. She is dating OM when H returns for h

112. Whitefire - Fern Michaels -H raped h while she was virgin, misses OW when with h

113. Wicked by Susan Johnson H cheats on h to end of the book; erotica

114. Wild Star by Catherine Coulter H cheats w/ stepmom, caught by father; h/H meet; h follows H to mistress' house

Contemporary Cheater Novels
H cheats w/ h or OW

116. A Class Act by Pamela Burford - H cheats in highschool, they meet again at class reunion

117. A Cowboy Christmas (Marry Me, Cowboy) Marin Thomas H/h together in highschool, h's friend sees H making out with another girl at drive-in

118. A Father's Promise   -H cheats w/OW, marries, then seeks h out to help w/baby because wife took off

119. A Late Loving by Robyn Donald - H had OW before marriage to h, OW pregnant, H won't give her up

120. A Long Walk In Wintertime by  Libby Purves  -H cheats w/ student affair over before book starts, Christian

121. A Morning like This by Deborah Bedford - H cheats w/ OW yrs ago, not one time; OW comes back w/ sick child; Christian

122. A Slice of Heaven by Sherryl Woods - H cheats w/ OW 1 time, h/H forced to get back because daughter ill

123. A Verdict of Love by  Jenna Mills - H cheats with h in college, tells h he'll be back but doesn't come back, and instead he marries girlfriend

124. Accidental Hero by Loralee Lillibridge - town believed h/H were to marry, H left town w/OW & married her; returns later from rodeo accident w/out OW

125. All Our Lives by Nancy Wagner - H cheats wants to reunite w/ h(ex-wife)

126. All She Wants for Christmas by Jaci Burton - h finds H in bed w/ her bf and takes off; returns yrs later

127. Always a Bridesmaid by Elaine Hopper - H drunk got OW pregnant eloped w/ OW (h's bf) ret. 9yrs later

128. An Affair To Forget by Rachel Lindsay - h is engaged  to H, H cheats w/ OW ex-gf after encounter w/ h in which he loses cool prematurely, so H needs to prove not impotent, and OW still attract him

129. The Substitute Wife by Dallas Schulze - H almost cheats w/ h's step-sister that he was expected to marry

130. And Then Came You by Maureen Child - H/h married, H goes off to study, h writes-pregnant, divorce papers come back, H's mother POW gets granddaughter that h put up for adoption; H returns years later w/ daughter and OW fiancée, H cheats w/ h

131. Aristides' Convenient Wife by Jacqueline Baird - MOC, but a week before H had "sex" w/ OW

132. Baby Makes Six by  Shelley Galloway - H cheats with h ex-wife, divorced after loss of a child

133. Big Temptation by Robin L. Rotham (Ellora's Cave) H/h relationship, H pulls back, h pregnant, leaves and cheats; erotic

134. Bitter Sweet by LaVyrle Spencer - H/h were highschool sweethearts, H, who is married, cheats w/ h when they meet again, H and wife trying to conceive, h becomes pregnant w/ H's baby, H's wife says she pregnant (she lied), and there's more to come.

135. Blonde Heat by  Susan Johnson  - group of h's; one h's H cheats w/ client he claims would have lost a job if he didn't, h catches him, OW leaves,h takes OM home and H stalks them and makes OM leave

136. Breakfast in Bed by Sandra Brown - H cheats w/h who happens to be H's fiancée's best friend

137. Bring on the Rain by Eve Asbury, sequel to I Run to You -secondary characters cheating; they get their story in the sequel; H cheated on h with h's bf who gets pregnant; they come back together in the sequel

138. Brothers and Wives by Cydney Rax - sequel to My Husband's Girlfriend - H leaves, brings OW back in this book, previous H and OW dance around despite both are married now, and OW is previous H's SIL;

139. Buying MacKenzie's Baby by Kim Rees - H cheats and is emotionally abusive

140. The Ultimate Betrayal by Michelle Reid - H emotionally cheats w/ OW

141. Cassidy Harte and the Comeback Kid by RaeAnne Thayne - part of a series that should be read in order but can stand alone as well, includes Taming Jesse James, The Valentine Two-Step

142. Chesapeake Blue by Nora Roberts-  h's fiancé cheats w/ ex, h gets back at him, later meets H

143. Count on Me by by Kathryn Shay-H cheats w/ ex-wife, dumps h to get back w/ ex then leaves ex for h

144. Cowboy Come Home by Eve Graddy - H marries someone else while engaged to h

145. Daniel's Gift by Barbara Freeth - H gets h pregnant, then offers to pay for abortion

146. Day by Day by Sandra Steffen - H cheats w/ h's sis, comfort cheat, thought h was dying

147. Days Gone by Sally Tyler Hayes - H/h married; H cheats he believes h loves OM, H bargains w/ OM - makes h hate H,then OM marry h; h catches H w/ OW,H leaves, returns later to see his child and try to work things out

148. Desire Unchained by  Larissa Ione - part of a series; H cheats w/ 2 women, h catches them, and he invites h to join, series, Demonica

149. Distant Shores by Kristin Hannah - H cheats several times over the course of their marriage, he is an ex-football star, latest because h wants to find herself

150. Dogism by Mark Anthony - H serial cheater, it's part of his lifestyle

151. Doing the Right Thing by Barbara Elsborg - H/h hook up, but his divorce not finalized and he keeps stringing h along while still with wife

152. East of the Sun and West of the Moon by Carole Bellacera - Husband cheats, then h cheats

153. Escapades of Romantically Challenged Meby Maya Jax - 1st person chic lit, H cheated

154. Except my Love by Mary Burchill - h/H MOC, H cheats w/ OW who he loves, h leaves H , she is pregnant and moves w/ friend to have  baby, later reconcile w/ H

155. Fall from Grace by  Kristi Gold - H cheats because h took child when he kept putting work first

156. Fire in the Blood by Charlotte Lamb  H thinks h cheated, H cheats, then they divorce, H wants h back when finds out the truth

157. Firebird by Janice Graham - H cheats; h takes on characteristics of other woman

158. First Love, Last Love by Ginna Gray - H cheats as he believe h cheated first and flaunts it to h 

159. Forgotten Lover by Carole Mortimer  -h/H cheat w/ each other; h engaged to be married, H is married

160. Forbidden Fruit by Erica Spindler - H involved w/ h's former bf when he slept w/ h, the bf loved H but could not handle his relationship  w/ h

161. Forever Again by Shannon Stacey- H emotionally cheats w/ h; they were previously married, he had gotten her pregnant but he sees some evidence that leads him to believe that she lied and he walks out on their marriage and gets a divorce, meet up again and he discovers how wrong he was

162. For the Love of Pete by Sherryl Woods - H cheats on h, gets girl pregnant and they marry

163. Gypsy by Carole Mortimer -H cheats w/ h; H won't divorce wife so h marries H's brother, who dies later and she meets back up with H

164. Hearts Kept Waiting by Julianne Elliott - H/h fall in love while H is still married, H/h struggle then succumb; H was divorcing wife before h entered picture

165. Hearts of Fire series - Seduction and Sacrifice; Desire and Deception; Passion and the Past; Fantasies
and the Future; Sandals and Secrets; Marriage and Miracles by Miranda Lee

166. Heart of the Matter by Emily Giffin - H cheats; 1st person from h and OW chic lit

167. Heart of the Outback  byEmma Darcy - H cheats w/ h after ill wife tells him he can; h get pregnant and h/H meet up yrs later

168. Hell Bent by Heather Killough-Walden  - H cheats emotionally w/ h

169. Her Best Friend's Lover by Shiloh Walker - h loves H and they are best friend, H gets drunk, sleeps w/ h and gets her pregnant, doesn't realize he is father and is very jealous of OM

170. His Other Lover by Lucy Dawson - H cheats

171. His Secret Heir by  Elizabeth Harbison - H/h have affair, she thinks H a waiter, he's not. H cheated w/ h as he is engaged to be married to a woman of his class, h is pregnant, tries to contact him to tell him he doesn't respond; h/H meet again

172. Hold Fast 'til the Dawn by Mary Haskell - H emotionally and almost cheats w/ OW, believes he still has feelings for OW wants h to wait for him to decide

173. Hollywood Husband, Contract Wife by Jane Porter - H emotionally betrays h

174. Home in Carolina by Sheryl Woods - H cheats repeatedly while on road, has child w/ OW returns to
hometown and everyone urges h to forgive him and get back with him

176. Husbands and Wives by Leah Stewart - H admits to an affair and wrote about it in his book; h also has an affair but does not tells husband; 1st person

177. Husband for Hire by Susan Wiggs - H cheated w/h; H is engaged to be married, h gets him goes to h HS reunion; fiancée shows up later

178. I Hunger for You by Susan Sizemore - H after encounter w/ h cheats repeatedly; paranormal

179. I'm Watching You by Mary Burton -H cheats and he is an alcoholic; mystery

180. In a Bind by Stephanie Bond -h/H cheat with each other

181. In Name Only by Roberta Leigh  - H/h MOC, H loves OW, h sees OM, double standard H's part, consummates marriage, OW makes trouble

182. Infidelity by Pat Tucker - H contrives to move OW into marital home w/ wife

183. Innocent Wife, Baby Of Shame by Melanie Milburne - H believes h cheats, they separate and H cheats

184. The Forbidden Mistress by Anne Mather - H cheats, MOC

185. Just One Night by Kathryn Shay - H says he doesn't want kids, h thinks she is pregnant, he believes she did it on purpose, she later catches him w/ OW and he tries to talk to her and sugar coat; divorce, meet up later

187. Killer Heat by Brenda Novak - H had cheated w/ h's bf and got her pregnant. The baby was adopted.  H/h meet up years later on an investigation, they are both PI types, mystery

188. Last Night at Chateau Marmont  by Lauren Weisberger - author of "The Devil Wears Prada" offers up contemporary story set in legendary hotel of escapades.

189. Let's Get Physical by Cherie Amour -h/H separated, h wants to work it out finds H in bed w/ ex, h hooks up w/ kids' coach, H encourages, h chooses H over OM in the end (sequel w/ OM)

190. Lightning by Danielle Steel-  h diagnosed w/ breast cancer, H doesn't support her in treatments or anything, instead he cheats, H falls in "love" w/ OW who runs off on him, so he wants h back, h gets OM who actually supports her through her ordeal, but H wants her back

191. Lingering Embers by Lynsey Stevens H cheated w/ h; left h to return to wife and child

192. Lipstick on His Collar by Elizabeth Villars-  H cheats w/ h's bf, div., h moves on, H continues w/ OW; chic lit

193. Love and Other Natural Disasters by Holly Shumas - H emotional cheat w/ OW, separate, h cheats w/OM

194. Love Unspoken by Carole Mortimer  -H/h married, H cheats w/ OW (fiancée) not divorced from h; H rapes, beats h, and causes h to miscarry; h leaves H who later returns w/ OW, cheats w/ h , gets her pregnant

195. Love Will Find A Way by Barri Bryan - H cheats w/ OW, divorce, h sees OM, H wants h back

196. Lover Eternal by JR Ward, Black Dagger Brotherhood Series - H cheats because he thinks relations w/ h will kill her; para

197. Lovers and Strangers Diane Chamberlain - H/h both cheat after marriage falls apart after death of a child

198. Magnolia by Diana Palmer - (Emotional Cheat) H/h MOC to dissuade rumors of H and OW, boss's wife, H caught with OW; h catches H kissing OW, she leaves

199. Make Room for Baby by  Kristin Morgan - H cheats w/ OW one night stand, goes off to boot camp and returns to be w/ h but OW shows up pregnant and he marries her; years later his son and h's daughter fall in love at college and are expecting

200. Man, Woman & Child by Erich Segal - H cheats w/ OW; OW dies, leaves a child behind and h finds out

201. Mansion for My Love by Robyn Donald - H emotionally cheats w/ SIL, brother dies, h releases him to SIL

202. Marriage Meltdown by Emma Darcy - H comes close -

203. Marrying the Mistress by Joanna Trollope - H older man cheats w/ younger OW

204. Mate to Order by Maddie James - H cheats w/ OW before book begins

205. McKettrick's of Texas by Austin Linda Lael Miller - H cheats on h w/ OW h's worst enemy

206. McKettricks of Texas: Tate - sequel - H cheats w/ OW, marries-pregnant w/ twins, divorce and H/h meet up again

207. Meant for each Other by Lee Duran - H drugged and slept w/OW , h walks in

208. Mercy by Jodi Picoult - H cheats on h w/ her co-worker and believes he loves the OW

209. Montana Creeds: Tyler by Linda Lael Miller - H cheated when they were teenager w/ older OW

210. Mr. and Mistress by Heidi Betts - H cheats w/ OW; h just one of H's mistresses

211. My Heart Can't Tell You No by M.K. Heffner  H cheats w/ h, h raped by H; h marries OM; H comes back to rape again, OM beats her, chokes her; H/h free now, H discovers two kids, rapes h again

212.My Husband's Girlfriend by Cydney Rax - h/H agree for H to have OW, but he gets OW pregnant

213. Nicholas: The Lords of Satyr by Elizabeth Ambe -r H cheats w/ OW; part of a series; paranormal

214. Night, Sea and Stars by Heather Graham - H cheats w/ h; crash on an island, H is married w/ a 20 year old son, and h has a BF back home

215. Nightswimming by Rebecca James - H cheats w/ OW; h walks in on him and OW in their bed

216. Night Watch - Suzanne Brockman - H believes he is in love w/ OW, h's ex-husband was a cheater; emotional cheating

217. No Easy Way S.R. Claridge - H cheats, separated from h but wants her back, H cheats w/ a married woman abused by husband

218. No Longer Mine - Shiloh Walker  -H cheats w/ OW when drunk, gets pregnant, marries her; h pregnant

219. Not His Kind of Woman by Roberta Leigh - H cheats w/ h while he had a girlfriend who is h's friend & roommate

220. Obsession by Kayla Perrin - H cheats w/ OW, threatens sex harassment suit, h has fling w/ psycho OM

221. Oceans Apart Karen Kingsbury - H cheated w/ OW, she dies and child is sent to H/h; Christian

222. Once a Stranger  by Megan Alexander - H cheats w/ OW, divorced, yrs later H wants h back

223. Once Forbidden by  Carla Cassidy - H cheats w/ OW, comfort cheat; H/h break up, yrs later OW needs attorney, H wants h to defend OW

224. One Summer Evening - Mary Lynn Baxter - young h loves older H (h's father's friend) H/h walk on beach and have passionate quickie. When they return to house H announces engagement to h's aunt.

225. Only In My Dreams Halle Pumas series - h thinks H cheating, makes H jealous,  paranormal

226. Outsider by Diana Palmer- H in love w/ OW, H/h forced to marry, he leaves the next day, gets annulled, H marries OW; h/H meet up again

 227. Paper Husband by Diana Palmer  -H/h forced to marry, H's ex-wife shows up w/ dying husband,  OW kisses H in front of her dying husband, h walks in

228. Perfect Marriage by Laurey Bright  -MOC,  H cheats w/ OW, separate, thinks h moved on, h pregnant

229. Private Affairs by Judith Michael - H cheats w/ OW, h eventually does too; OW dumps H who goes back to h

230. Progress of Passion by Alison Kelley - H caught w/ OW, denies ever consummating his affair

231. Proud Revenge, Passionate Wedlock by Janette Kenny - H believes h ran off w/ OM, cheats

232. Ranch Christmas' Bah Humbug Cowboy-  Starla Kaye -26 yr old h catches H kissing her bf and he defends bf later,then spanks her for running off, her father spanks her as well

233. Reason to Believe by Kathleen Eagle -  H alcoholic and cheats w/ OW, divorce, before story begins

234. Red Erica Spindler - H cheats w/ OW, OW invites h to join, she runs off and marries H's half-brother, H wants h back;romantic suspense

235. The Santangeli Marriage by Sara Craven  -H/h estranged, H cheats w/ OW who is married

236. Return to Yesterday by Robin Donald - H/h MOC, H cheats w/ OW before consummated, h catches them

237.  Castle in the Sand by Megan Hart  H cheats w/ OW, h finds out and drowns self, then returns to haunt cabin; H later dies and they are reunited; paranormal

238. Savage Innocence by Anne Mather - H cheats w/ h; H's wife paralyzed from car accident

239. Save the Last Dance  by Roxanne Rustand - H cheats w/ OW

240. Second Chance at Love by Irene Brand - h miscarries, H cheats w/ OW, divorce, H celibate 15 yrs, Christian

241. Second Chances by Kristie Leigh Maguire -H cheats w/ OW, marries, OW leaves, H wants h back

242. Sex With Your Ex by Dakota Cassidy - H cheats w/ OW before book starts; deseased MIL helps h to forgive H

243. Second Chances by Carolyn Faulkner - h catches H kissing OW, h kicks H out, time passes with promises, groveling, apologies by H

244. Second Thyme Around Katie Fforde  -H cheated, h didn't stand up for self; H wants h back, chic lit

245. Secrets Never Told by Rochelle Alers H cheats and has affairs, h has one and H claims they are even

246. Secrets of Paris by Luannce Rice -  H cheats w/ OW, leaves as he is in love with the OW. They later get back together

247. Secret Sins by Jasmine Kresswell -  H cheats w/ OW before story, mystery

248. Seducing Sullivan  byJulie Elizabeth Leto - H cheated w/ h's bf who dies,  h/H meet at reunion

249. Trust Me by Brenda Novak  H divorced but trying to reconcile w/ ex for child; H cheats w/ h while trying to get back w/ ex wife and continues see both women

250. Sheltered in his Arms Tara Taylor Quinn - H cheats w/, divorce, returns years later

251. The Silence of Midnight by - Karen Young H cheats w/ OW, she has baby, then dies. The offspring approaches H/h , after their own child is kidnapped

252. Sinful Truths by Anne Mather - H thinks h cheated and had OM's baby, takes up w/ OW

253. So Long at the Fair by Christina Schwarz - H cheats w/ OW, h not aware

254. Slow Heat in Heaven by  Sandra Brown - H cheats w/ married OW; h catches sister w/ H in compromising position

255. Smoke in the Wind by Robyn Donald - H cheats w/ OW, h's cousin, marries, h pregnant, doesn't tell H

256. Solo Jill Mansell -  h gets pregnant, H tries to marry her, cheats w/ married OW when h giving birth; chic lit

257. Some Enchanted Season by Marilynn Pappano - H cheats w/ h's bf, h almost dies, suffers from amnesia, H takes care of h

258. Stranger at the Door by Laura Abbot - H cheated w/ OW during war tour in Vietnam, grown son shows up

259. Spin Devil and Spin it Again by Red Garnier  - in 1st book 6 alumni get drunk and have orgy; one is engaged, owns up to it in the second book; h dumps H who becomes ho, H blames h for not forgiving him; erotica

260. Squeeze Play by  Kate Angell  - 3 stories in one that involve cheating

261. The Wilder Sisters by Jo-Ann Mapson - H cheats w/ OW ex-wife, H literally crawls for forgiveness at the end

262. The Scarlet Thread Francine Rivers H/h move for H's job; h didn't want to move, H cheats w/ OW, H confesses, H/h split, H breaks up w/ OW, wants h back; Christian

263. Tell No LiesJulie Compton - H cheats w/ OW, wife finds out from reporters; mystery

264. Tempt Me Tonight by  Toni Blake - H cheated w/ OW; h returns and seeks revenge against H

265. Temptation H 39 crashes car on farm. He is taken in by a 17 year old girl and her father. H seduces h, then leaves. She attempts suicide, then proceeds to seek revenge. One day she meets his son -

266. Temperatures Rising by Sandra Brown - H cheats w/ h

267. The Substitute Wife by Dallas Schulze - H almost cheats w/ h's step-sister who he was supposed to marry

268. The Boss's Virgin by Charlotte Lamb - H cheats w/ h, she leaves 5 yrs later, engaged h cheats w/ H

 269. The Bride Said "Surprise" by  Cathy Gillen Thacker- H cheated w/h which resulted in a child, H doesn't know, years later they come back together

270. The Bronze Horseman Trilogy by Paullina Simons - H meets h's sister first, h defers to sister although she is in love

271. The Bride Means Business  by Anne Marie Winston - H thought h cheated, so he follows suit

272. The Caleb Trees by Dee Holmes  -H cheats w/ OW, son sees (son in love w/OW) commits suicide

273. The DeWilde Affair by Jasmine Cresswell series -  H cheats w/ OW, secondary characters cheat

274. The Dollmaker by Amanda Stevens - H cheats w/OW, tragedy happens, divorce, H wants h back; thriller

275. The Dream by Kat Martin - H cheats, h has  dreams about a previous life involving her and H

276. The Failed Marriage by Carole Mortimer - H/h child died, h thinks H cheated and going away w/ OW

277. The First Time by Joy Fielding-  H cheats w/ OW, plans to leave h, diagnosed w/ ALS, H returns to take care of h

278. The Fourth Child :9 Months Later by CJ Carmichael  - H thinks in love w/ OW; h pregnant

279. The French Gardener by Santa Montefiore - H cheats w/ OW, H/h move, h reads journals

280. The Goddess of Kitchen Avenue Barbara Samuel several stories, one husband cheats; 1st person chic lit

281.The Sicilian's Defiant Mistress by Jane Porter H cheats w/ h; H's wife is in a coma and h didn't know

282. The Greek Tycoon's Pregnant Bride by Anne Mather  - estranged H cheats; h thought he had child w/ OW

283. The Heart Will Lead You Home by Kristi Leeds.  H hooks up w/ h's nemesis, h catches them and they break up. 10 yrs later H still loves h, wants her back, h engaged

284. The Italian's Rightful Bride by Lucy Gordon - h/H set for MOC, H falls for OW, h catches H/OW kissing-hears confession of love, breaks engagement; H/OW marry on h/H wedding day.

285. The Last Grand Passion by Emma Darcy - H cheats w/ h; H's wife in coma on life support

286. The Lies We Told by Diane Chamberlain - H cheat's w/ h's sis, believes h is dead, 1st person

287. The Marriage Renewal by Maggie Cox  -H/h estranged, H lives w/ OW, still married

288. The Marriage Truce by Sara Craven - H cheats w/ OW

289.The Marriage War by Charlotte Lamb - H almost cheats w/ OW

290. The Mill House by Susan Lewis - H cheats w/ OW bf; h leaves, cheats w/ OM, gets pregnant

291. The Mistress Wife by Lynne Graham - h thinks H cheated, leaves, then H does cheat

292. The Night we Met by Tara Taylor Quinn - H cheats w/OW

293. The Unfaithful Wife Lynne Graham H/h forced to marry, unconsummated H cheats w/ OW

294. The Opposite Shore by Maryanne Stahl - H meets sister first, they don't get together because he is her teacher, instead H marries h and they have a daughter, then years later h catches H and sister kissing

295. The Other Woman by Patricia Kay - H cheats w/ h, H's wife schemes to keep them apart

296. The Perfect Sinner by Penny Jordan - H serial cheater, emotional abuser,  changed by circumstance

297. The Prince of Tides by Pat conroey - H falls in love with OW, may not be physical, but  his wife never knows.

298. The Prodigal Husband by Jacquelin Thomas - H drunk cheats w/ OW, h sees and leaves, tragedy, H leaves, returns to get h back, OW still in picture.  Christian

299. The Rancher Takes a Wife by Jackie Merritt- H cheats when they are in college

300. The Sanchez Tradition by Anne Mather - h has miscarriage pushes H away, H cheats when estranged

301. The Scarlet Thread by  Francine Rivers  -H/h move for H's job; h didn't want to move, H cheats w/ OW, H confesses, H/h split, H breaks up w/ OW, wants h back; Christian

302. The Way Home by Jean Brashear - H cheats w/ OW, h leaves, accident, amnesia, H is searches for her

303. The Wrong Kind of Wife by  Roberta Leigh - h catches H kissing OW, says means nothing tries to get h in bed, estranged h wants divorce eventually, H not celibate through years, but h is

304. The Wrong Kind of Wife by Debbie Macomber - seems  that H cheats w/ ex-wife

304. Three Seductions and a Wedding by Julie Leto - H cheats w/ OW when drunk, anthology

305. Ties that Bind by Kate Pearce  - H think h betrayed him, gets drunk and rapes her, leaves and cheats w/ OW; while H gone h cheats w/ OM; erotic

306. Tomorrow Began Yesterday by  Sarah Holland - H caught kissing OW right after marrying h ,separated for year

307. Too Much Too Soon by Jacqueline Briskin - H marries h, impregnates sister, H/ wife split-rapes wife

308. Trial By Fire by Jo Davis - H almost cheats and h smacks him with a fishing pole

309. True Blue by Luanne Rice - H cheats w/ OW, h's sis, gets pregnant, marry, divorce, returns 20 yrs later

310. Truly Married by Phyllis Halldorson  -H cheats w/ OW; divorce, H marries OW who later dies, back to defend h

311. Trust a Cowboy by Judy Christenberry - H cheated w/ OW

312. Trust in Summer Madness by Carole Mortimer - h/H engaged, h sees him kissing, ex, break up, comes back 3 yrs later, h is engaged to OM, h cheats w/ H, h's fiancée cheats w/ h's sister

313. Trust Me by Brenda Novak - H divorced but trying to reconcile w/ ex for child; H cheats w/ h while trying to get back w/ ex wife and continues to gravitate between the two

314. Twice Kissed by Lisa Jackson - H drunk and cheated w/ OW, twin sister of h, later marries, then divorce

315. Wedding Bliss by Barbara Metzgern - H cheated

316. What Mattered Most by Linda Winfree - emotional cheating, H is in love w/ OW

317. What Price Paradise by Katherine Allred - H's fiancée serial cheater, breaks up makes up, H sleeps w/ h when broken up from fiancée, but appears to put fiancée 1st

318. Wicked Caprice by  Anne Mather - H cheats w/ h

319. Wicked Night Before Christmas by  Tierney O'Malley - H/h together, H leaves, promises to return; H comes back with w/ OW,  h catches H kissing; erotic

320. Wife for hire by Amy J. Fetzer - H cheated w/ OW, claimed to be pregnant, married her, h left town so H stayed w/ OW, eventually they have twins, OW dies; h comes back into H's life as H's wife for hire

321. Wife to Christopher by Mary Burchell  - h manipulates H to marry her, H in love w/ OW, h miscarriage, refuses divorce later, leaves H, finds illegitimate nephew, adopts him, h/H reconcile

322. Willow by Linda Lael Miller - 2nd characters cheat, h about to be married and H, who has a fiancée, stops ceremony, H and brother's were playing a joke on h, but joke is on H as h/H are married

323. You Owe Me by Penny Jordan - H/h in love, h sees H w/ OW, OW pregnant, h made guardian after OW dies; another OW wants H, causes problems

324. Switcheroo by Olivia Goldsmith - H cheating w/OW; h and OW switch places, they look alike

325. Taming the Texas Tycoon by Katherine Garbera  - H cheats on his fiancée w/ h


The Phantom of The Opera - Best Gothic Story of All Time

The following clip from the movie "The Phantom of the Opera" proves that there is no gothic story that better incorporates the beauty of the gothic romance. Gerard Butler has never been sexier, and the visuals draw us into the wonderful underworld where everything is possible, and nothing deemed unsavory or untasted.


Book Clubs - Romance Novel Discussions


 In the process of promoting my novel, I have spoken with many romance enthusiests and spent time researching forums devoted to the romance genre.  I have compled a list of the fifty most popular themes. Asterisks are placed next to topics touched upon in The House on Black Lake.

Book Clubs may want to use  list as  beginning of discussion, or have members write their own and create an extended list that can be forwarded along to community sites. Knowledgable readers may add title examples for each topic to create a resource for individuals to find books that appeal to them.  It is also helpful to the writers of romance novels to be aware of what their readers desire to experience. This is especially true if topics considered taboo are broached. Reading offers a great opportunity to release fear and repressed desires, and explore various aspects of ourselves and our life journey through the experiences of others.

 A number of the themes listed below, such as alpha males, dominant males, cheaters, and forced love are dealt with in my other blogs, including reading examples. I plan to add lists, and will soon make site open to readers suggessions, so please return for more information as it is gathered.

The list of popular themes in in no particular order.

l. A broken heart. The greatest reading choice for this seems to be "Stormfire.*

2. Man uses woman for revenge, kidnapped, seduced, etc. "Stormfire" again, this must be a great read.*

3. Good sex scenes, either explicit or implicit.*

4. Heroine nearly dies, hero is terrified, realizes how much he loves her. Even better, is when hero is directly, or indirectly responsible for putting heroine in jeopardy...*

5. Second chance ex-spouses.

6. Cheating hero.* This one is very popular. But, some want him to realize he loves his wife and family and wants them back.

7. Less than perfect heroes/heroines – scarred or disabled.

8. Rugged cowboy-types.*

9. Hero helps deliver his baby.

10. Heroine saves or rescues hero from harm.

11. Bad Boys.*

12. Pent up sexual frustration – repression.*

13. Great grovel scenes – where rugged hero breaks down.* This is very popular, and an ideal topic for discussion.

14. Hero disappears and reappears years later.

15. Steamy AND emotional scenes between lovers.”*

16. Romance – candlelit dinners, walks in the park. Etc.*

17. Obsessed or deeply in lust.*

18. Villain in love with heroine.*

19. Dominant, alpha males.*

20. Romance and thriller.*

21. Widowed hero grieving over first wife.

22. Vampire and paranormal love.

23. Vikings!.

24. Smutty historical romance.

25. H/H in historical garb.

26. Men with long (preferably dark) flowing hair*.

27. Alpha female who isn’t borderline abusive*

28. Hero bribes heroine to be with him.

29. Heroine playing hard to get.*

30. Drunken sex.*

31. Bad boy falls for nice girl.*

32 Virginal or repressed heroine who falls apart at the touch of the RIGHT man.*

33. Forced mate scenario in paranormal.

34. Jealous bad boy.*

35. Ménage romance.*

36. Incest.*

37. Two men competing for woman.*

38. Forced sex where h/h have strong connection.*

39. Sheik books and big hunky H’s and the feisty heroine.

40. Bad boy who bosses H around until they fall in love.*

41. Spanking/forced sex scenes.*

42. Love triangles.*

43. Bisexual love.*

44. Older women/younger men.*

45. Rugged/outdoorsy men.*

46. Heroine enjoys sex.*

47. Haunted places/ghosts.*

48. Tattoos, piercings, branding, etc.*

49. Beauty and the beast themes.*

50. Time travel – men in kilts, on island, or anywhere ancient.*

Well, that’s a beginning. The list says a lot about what women really want, and discussing these topics is a great exercise in female empowerment.

When Alexandra Brighton enters Black Lake she only knows what she has been taught by contemporary society. The lessons she learns in the underground teach her about her deeper desires and instincts. Some of the topics are a bit disturbing, but I believe all women desire to reconnect with baser animal instincts and enjoy the powerful union between the sexes.

Most of us love a good vampire tale.