25 Sexiest Christmas Gifts for Men - 2011

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The way to a man's heart may be through his stomach, but the way to his passionate love is through electronics. No one can deny the glazed over eyes and dreamy smile of a many gazing at a piece of electronic equipment. So, if you desire to turn you mate into a passionate, obsessive, possessive lover buy him the sexiest piece of electronics you can find. Then, place a love note inside. Trust me, you will be receive back in spades.

The hottest electronic gifts on the market are:

1. Apple  computer $1,100+

2. Samsung Galazy $560+

3. Nikon D3100 camera $549+

4. XBox 360 + Kinect $279+

5. Apple I Phone 4G $650.00+

7. Apple I Pad 2 $500+

8. Go Pro Camcorder $150+

9. Garmen Nuvi Traffic and Maps $550+

10. Kindle Fire 7" wifi $200+

11. Apple IPad $600+

12. Panasonic Blue Ray Wifi DVD Player $200+

13. Video Games for XBOX 360 $60.00

14. Tag Hauer Men's Chronograph Watch$2,000+

These items are not electronic, but you can also succeed with metal:

15. Ray Ban Aviator Sunglass (toss in a set of handcuffs if you like) $86.00+

And a hot scent:

16. Davidoff Cool Water Deep Mens Cologne $55.00

Maybe the touch of silk:

17. Silk boxers $15.00 for sleep or under anything.

Perhaps your man prefers a little pain:

18. Gift certificate to a favorite tattoo parlor (create your own design if you like)

Leather is always nice:

19. Leather Belt  $45.00+or Leather Driving Gloves $25.00+. Ask him to try the belt on for size, then tell him you love the ripping sound of a belt being pulled off - you play with fire if you tell him to keep the gloves on after checking for size.

Adrenaline gifits:

20. Skis, snowboard, water skis, scooba, camping, rock climbing, fishing gear, etc. - whatever excites his passion. Gear turns most men on for some inexplicable reason.

21. 2 tickets (or better yet season tickets) to his favorite sports team or music group. If you buy tickets for concert be sure to buy a few of his favorite CDs to get him in the mood.

22. Computer/video Games that jump start testosterone - watch him play - or play with him

23. Gift certificate for an adreniline rush - such as sports car racing, sky diving, flying trapeze, hot air ballooning. Buy 2 tickets get crazy together. Remember: fear is the greatest aphrodiasac.

For romantic types:

24. Gift certificate for couple's massage at your favorite spa + other exotic forms of pampering his nails, feet, and skin. The feel of another woman's touch will only cause him to desire you more. Then again, why not do it all yourself!

25. Gift certificate for B + B in the mountains or at the beach, a romantic dinner. OR,  create the same mood in your home with a hearty fire, his favorite food and wine, and use the money saved to buy a sexy outfit and lacy new lingerie.

The list is only the beginning ideas gifts.  The only limitation is your wildly imaginative nature.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!