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I AM HUMAN - Part II Now Available on Podcast Players

Urban sci-fi fantasy novel, I AM HUMAN, by Anastasia Blackwell, is scheduled to be published in early 2020. A screenplay, based on the book, is currently in negotiation.

An early release on the story has been published as a podcast. Part 1 went live on New Year's Eve 2019, and Parts I was broadcast January 7, 2020 and Part III is scheduled for release in mid-January.

The story is narrated by author/actress Anastasia Blackwell, in association with B. Renegade Productions and Wild Wind Studios.


Dangerous Love: Top Ten Crazy Obsessive Heroes in Romance Novels

Please note - The House on Black Lake has been adapted to screenplay. Go to Home Page to see provocative trailer and music video based on novel.

A dangerously obsessive male can be both highly exciting and a nightmare for a woman. In reality few would desire such a challenge, but held at arms length - inside a novel or on a movie screen, such a man can be enormously intriguing.

The House on Black Lake features three such obsessive males, all very different. Ramey Sandeley's obsession with Alexandra Brighton leads him to the brink of emotional and physical cruelty. He can't help himself, as he has never heard the word "no".  Rock God Georgie La Pointe, on the other hand, grooms his hair in the eyes of his lovers, but when he loses control over his conquest he becomes obsessional. Andre Labat, the sensuous young Frenchman has the same expectation of female surrender and a ruthless desire to level the playing field by seducing the object of his rivals' desire. All men are out of control, and that is what makes them so appealing.

The following top ten are taken from lists of romance lovers and are in no particular order.

1. Simon Boldevar -Crimson Kiss Series  by Trisha Baker

2. Lucien de Malheur "The Scorpian" - Breathless - The House of Rohan by Anne Stuart

3. Judd - Caressed by Ice (Psy-Changelings book 3) by Nalini Singh

4. Dimitri - Archangels Blade (Guild Hunter) by Nalini Singh

5. Zsadist - Black Dagger Brotherhood - by J.R. Ward

6. Conrad Wroth - Immortals After Dark Seriesby Kresly Cole

7. Travis - Beautiful Disaster by Jamie Mcguire

8. Jake - Burning Wild by Christine Freehan

9. Baird - Claimed by Evangeline Anderson

10. Domenico - The Silver Devil by Therese Denys

Sean Culhane from Stormfire is a very controversial "hero" who is hated by most readers, but leaves a powerful impression, nonetheless.



Top Ten Dominant Alpha Males in Romance Novels

The House on Black Lake has been adapted to screenplay. Go to Home Page to view provocative trailer featuring scenes from novel.

The House on Black Lake  has three powerful, dominant alpha men. Ramey Sandeley has never tasted failure and expects he will always win, whether in business or pleasure.  His uncle, Roger Sandeley, is a member of a group of international businessmen in Montreal that make up a nearly invincible power elite. Georgie La Pointe is the cousin to Ramey Sandeley, a spoiled rock god, born to great privilege. A supreme narcissist, Georgie has never slept with the same woman more than once,  grooms his hair in the eyes of his lovers, and makes love to himself while listening to his songs.

 Alphas are great fun to play with and when a woman wins in the game of love with an A - it is a triumphant battle indeed. Alexandra is lured by all three of powerful dominant alphas. A broken and world weary divorced mother when she journeys to Black Lake, she seems ill equipped for such a task. But as Alexandra is drawn into the underground and mentored by the mystics and gypsies dormant powers are unleashed, and she begins a dramatic transformation. Will the romantic beauty beat the dominant alphas at their games and tame each and every one? Perhaps not tame, but their lives will never be the same.

 I have taken a poll from the romance community, and the following have been voted the top ten most dominent Alpha men in romantic novels. Thanks to Amazon Romance Forum.

In no particular order, the winners are:

1. Domenico, The Silver Devil by Teresa Denys - cult favorite  - dark historical romance set in renaissance Italy about Duke who sees peasant girl in window and buys her from her brother and forces her to be his mistress

2. Jamie, The Outlander Series, by Diana Gabledon - historical romance time travel 

3. Wrath The Black Dagger Brotherhood Series by J.R. Ward -leader of vampire warriors set in New York

4. Lucan, The Midnight Breed Series by Laura Adraian - eight books in vampire series

5. Bones Night Huntress Series by Jeannine Frost - an urban vampire fantasy

6. Jericho The Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning - fantasy/paranormal set in Ireland

7. Zadist, Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R. Ward - six vampire warriors gravitate between turf battles and sensuous delights

8. Raphael, Guild Hunter Series by Nalili Singh -  female vampire hunter and powerful archangel

9. Rolfe the Relentless, The Conquerer by Brenda Joyce - romance set in England in 1069

10. Gregori, Dark Magic Series by Christine Ferham - heavy on romance and intimacy with vampire, magic, paranormal twist

Pamela Palmer's Hunger Untamed series follows feral warriors in all their glory. Looks like this alpha might must make it to the top ten very soon!! The model on the cover, international model/actor Tos Yanez  plays Andre Labat in the Trailer for 'The House on Black Lake' which can be viewed on Home Page.

Hunger Untamed



Romantic Scene Filmed in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. Stars Tosh Yanez and Anastasia Blackwell

The House on Black Lake




Gothic Romance

Photograh from "The House on Black Lake" taken during filming of trailer at Chateau Tivoli in San Francisco. Picture depicts scene from novel in which Alexandra succumbs to charms of French Canadian artist, Andre Labat in St. Agathes Des Mont, outside Montreal. Features Anastasia Blackwell and Tosh Yanez.