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A Miracle at St. Joseph's Oratory on Mt. Royal

The prelude to "The House on Black Lake" describes a woman's experience of having her face paralyzed after the birth of her first child. The paralysis comes nine month's to the day since she laid eyes on a charismatic man that turned her "perfect world" upside down. After living nearly a year as a recluse and viewing herself as a freak, she makes a pilgrimage from the U.S. to St. Joseph's Oratory where the faithful are said to be healed. Coincidentally, the man resides in Montreal, nearby the sacred spot, although he is more akin to heathen than saint. She kneels at St. Andre's alter and makes a vow ,"beauty for truth" - an unmarked face for a pledge to seek her manifest destiny. Unfortunately, that means she must give up everything she has been taught to believe. Soon, her life is in shambles and she begins to sorely regret the pact she made in the sacred church.  In order to find resolution she travels to Montreal to confront the man so that she can regain some measure of closure and peace.

I personally experienced a similar miracle, a divine intervention, at the Oratory and believe it holds special powers, but one must always be prepared to pay a price for a miracle, as nothing is given back without a debt to be paid. In some ways "The House on Black Lake" is my repayment, as it is a story of transformation and redemption.

A visit to the sacred place is a powerful experience, both for those who walk away healed, and those who seek a spiritual experience. Rarely does one see a wall filled with the canes and crutches of those who have walked away healed. More can be learned about St. Andre and details regarding visitations can be found at:


What's Love Got To Do With It?

Is love merely a chemical released when our body senses a desirable reproduction partner, or is there something more divine in the rush of endorphins? That questions in one of the principle themes of my novel.

Reproduction science tells us that within seconds we are measuring every aspect of another being to determine suitability. Overall health, i.e. clear skin, white teeth, shiny hair, clear eyes, etc. are all assessed in the blink of an eye. We also measure physical features, timber of voice, a vast array of clues to whether their DNA is a good match. Smell also comes into play, and with physical touch more information is released. The old saying "it's all in the kiss" is actually true. The saliva carries DNA that tells us the entire physical history of the specimen. We seek mates that will give our offspring the best chance of survival. The rush of love tells us that we have found a good match. Testosterone is released in the saliva of the male and arouses female to complete  act. Love lasts for a good three months, so that at least three tries are given to the quest. The feeling may persist if the act is not successful. If g succeeds, then feelings  transcend to  "love" that is actually routed in the protection of our prized reproduced DNA. This is the belief of science.

Those of a spiritual nature believe that the purpose of love is not to replicate, but to create. Two humans who find love have a far greater capacity to create than they would alone. The goal of most is to find a soul mate, one with whom  common goals and desires are shared.  This may mean the act of reproduction, but in most it means far more. For those who have finished reproducing,  have no desire to raise young, or for those who are drawn to the same sex, the drive for love is just as great, and when a suitable partner is found, the love does not nessasarilydisipate because there is no drive to replicate DNA.

The elusiveness of love remains the subject of scientists and poets. Its beauty and pain are universal. What's love got to do with it? Everything - for without it we are doomed, one way or another.


Rights to Screenplay Adaptation of Novel "The House on Black Lake" Now Available!

I am happy to announce that I have completed screenplay for "The House on Black Lake". It was a rather simple process - a month of my time - as the novel was written in scenes that I visualized in the form of a movie. As I am an actress and have worked professionally as a producer, a script is what feels most comfortable to me.  Writing a novel is akin to taking on all jobs required in film production. You are writer, director, actor, set and lighting designer,  costume designer, etc. Once I had complete novel, it was a simple matter to record story's dialogue and blueprint.

I was advised in a workshop by acclaimed screenwriter guru Robert McGee that a screenwriter must write a thousand pages first, then write  script. And, that is what I have done. My next step is to get scrip into hands of producer. In the meantime, "The House on Black Lake" is building steam and many related projects are in the works.



Anne Fontaine - The Mistress of the Perfect White Blouse

Anastasia Blackwell Wearing Anne Fontaine Blouse and Patent Leather Belt


French/Brazilian Anne Fontaine has created an international business out of creating the perfect white blouse. Her fashions have a sense of the naughty French maid mixed with the most feminine and romantic.

Her ruffled blouse, patent leather belt and cinched jacked are featured in the trailer in the scenes where Andre Labat (Tosh Yanez in photograph) seduces Alexandra in his studio.

The House on Black Lakeis available to purchase at, e-readers, and by order through local book stores.



NEW PRESS RELEASE: Twilight Fans Feed On New Gothic Suspense

Hungry Mature Twilight fans feed on new gothic suspense, “The House on Black Lake”

Twilight moms and closet fans have ached for a story that addresses adult desires, and Anastasta Blackwell’s debut novel, “The House on Black Lake” delivers the goods.

PR Log (Press Release)Apr 14, 2010 – “The House on Black Lake” is a story of obsessive and forbidden love. But much more. It is an intoxicating journey into the underworld of Montreal society, where the power elite cavort with mystics, gypsies and soothsayers and create their own rules. The contemporary gothic suspense chronicles how a woman’s obsession with a charismatic man results in a dramatic transformation.

With her life falling apart around her, Alexandra Brighton escapes with you son, Samuel, to Black Lake – and into the home of the man who has haunted her thoughts for years. But little is as it seems in the idyllic world of Ruth and Ramey Sandeley, where modern luxuries co-mingle with ancient rituals. As the summer solstice draws near, Alexandra finds herself lured into a world of mystery and seduction that compels her to confront the forces that have shaped her life’s path. Ultimately she must decide where this journey will lead – if she and her son are to survive.

Set against the haunting backdrop of Montreal and its surrounding countryside, debut author Anastasia Blackwell’s novel explores how one woman’s pursuit of her divine path leads to a shadowy world of ruthless passion and dark secrets.

The journey to Black Lake is sensuous, erotic, romantic, and dangerous. Fasten your seat belt as you enter Zito Zahn 's cab and be prepared to take an odyssey into the unknown.

Author Anastasia Blackwell is an award-winning producer, writer, actress, voice-over artist. She collaborated with a noted cinematographer to produce a book trailer and created music videos based on scenes in book.

To learn more about the book, author, news, video, photographs and upcoming events go to


Dark Romance - is it the Wave of the Future? Provocative Trailer Features Tosh Yanez and Anastasia Blackwell

Tosh Yanez and Anastasia Blackwell act out scene from novel._d6s4855


"House on Black Lake" - Scenes from the book - Photographed at Chateau Tivoli in S.F.

Alexandra is lured by Andre to his cottage where she learns more about herself than she had bargained for.


House on Black Lake Trailer - Tosh Yanez Plays Seductive and Mysterious Andre Labat

Tosh Yanez and Anastasia Blackwell


House on Black Lake Book Trailer - filmed in the Mark Twain room of the Chateau Tivoli in San Francisco



House on Black Lake Trailer - Andre Labat's boudoir - filmed at Chateau Tivoli - San Francisco