A Writer's Process: Genesis of Idea

 The inspiration for my story was my own experience. My young son and I flew from S.F. to Montreal and then on a long taxi ride to the home of our hosts  in an exclusive enclave of summer homes. The night we arrived we were rowed out to stay in a deserted Victorian on an island not much larger than the house.

The week was filled with intrique (as was the house). Many years later I used the story as a vehicle to explore a world weary woman's journey through the underground to transformation. I felt a certain repression and a powerful need to investigate beneath the social structures that contain our passions and creativity.

The journey I have taken since that mid summer's night has profoundly changed my life. I continue to follow the unexplored path, to seek truth and a desire to close the link between animal and civilized society, to give a voice to the "beautiful freak" - the soul that searches for freedom.


Victorian House

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