Chateau Tivoli, Dark Garden, Plouf, The Box SF, Rich Redmond, Callie Khourie = an interesting mix!

I have spent the last two days sampling the best of the best~The beautiful sensuous creations of Dark Garden where corsettes are a custome work of art. Then there is the gorgeous B & B, Chateau Tivoli where I filmed the trailer for "The House on Black Lake" in S.F. It is the most sexy place to stay in S.F. and has incredible energy for those who desire more than the standard Hilton-like hotel. Evening spent on Belden Place at Plouf where Antonio taught us how a bartender can change the entire energy of a restaurant. Love him and ready to salsa at his other gig - will get the name to you soon~

 Then there is the passion of Rich Redmond, Nashville drummer on national tour for Brooks and Dunn. His drummer's workshop at The Box SF was passionate and inspirational.  Also, LOVE the venue. San Francisco is amazing in its unique places to find talent that is better than anything you will find anywhere else in the U.S.

Spent an afternoon at the Kabuki checking out Callie Khourie, screenwriter of "Thelma and Louise". The S.F. Film Festival has some of the most amazing indie talents converging on the city.

Book your room = book your tickets - let me know if you desire more information. The arts are alive and well - I'm off for the next adventure. Oh, and forgot a few nights before -Revolution Cafe in the mission - for long sensuous talks!


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