Rock Star Violinist David Garrett Targeted to Create Film Score

Rock star Violinist David Garret is the first choice to create a film score for screen adaptation of new novel,The Chamber of Curiosities, as he is one of the most talented and versatile violinist/composers in the world. His talents would be particularly suited to the romantic fantasy, set in a carnival in an abandoned fortress overlooking an ancient seaport.  He is also an actor, having starred in the romantic tale of Paganini in The Devil's Violist. So, perhaps there may also be a role for the stunningly handsome musician.

More about novel/screenplay at: The Chamber of Curiosities. and author, Anastasia Blackwell and The Devil's Violist, at Internet Movie Database IMDB, or at www.anastasiablackwell.com.

YouTube features the extraordinatary talents of David Garret, and the kind of emotions that evoke romance in a land filled with danger, mystery and intrigue.

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