San Francisco's Sigmund Stern Grove Plays Host to Climactic Scene

Romance and legends surround San Francisco's Sigmund Stern Grove Park. And it has a nearly palpable mystique. When I was scouting locations for trailer I new this was the perfect spot to stage the climax of my novel. The fog rose up as we shot and enveloped us in an otherworldly vision of what it might be like to lose oneself in nature.

Both dangerous and seductive, the grove is also known as a natural "music box" and an annual music festival is head in the grove in the summer. Once a home to bootlegger's and those who wished to flee the restrictions of prohibition, it now lends itself to more wholesome pleasures. But, if you wonder deep inside you will feel something else rise up in you. It's a bit daunting, but not an altogether unpleasant fear of what might lie beyond the bend.

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