Socrates: Knowing Thyself Is The Height of Wisdom.

Alexandra begins her journey to Black Lake as a world-weary soul. Down trodden by a society that squelches her struggle to seek"truth", she finds herself a lonely outcast. Her bargain at the shrine: Truth for Beauty seems an impossible task. The more she strives to find herself  within the restrictive confines of  a modern, consumer driven  society, the more empty and hollow she feels

Led by the mystics and gypsies of the underground and mentored by the central figures of Black Lake, she begins to reclaim pieces of herself buried so deeply she had no idea they existed. We are all creatures led and protected by society. It is our responsibility as individuals to dig inside, to strive to know ourselves deeply, and to reach the height of wisdom that can never be learned from teachers or books. Our own unique truths must then be shared with the world, if we are to evolve.

Truth or Life - You choose!

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