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Archive for September 2010

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New Music Video in Pre Production to Promote Screenplay for House on Black Lake

I am in early stages of creating new music video to promote novel and screenplay. The video will feature reknowed trapeze artists, Tanya Hoover and Marek Kaszuba, or Trapezepro in Sonoma.  Jack Newton and Peter Busboom will create original music for video.  We plan to  film on private ranch in Sonoma that has both flying and static trapeze equipment. Music rehearsal will begin in next few weeks. The scene will be surrealistic recreation of supernatural experience in glen.


Reading of "The House on Black Lake" by Anastasia Blackwell on Blogtalkradio

Anastasia Blackwell will perform an oral interpretation of  novel on her radio show on blogtalkradio. Tune into channel to listen to shows, currently scheduled every Saturday at noon.  She will read entire script in series of episodes, then follow with discussions about creation of novel, process of publishing and creating screenplay. Blogtalkradio can be accessed at


"The House on Black Lake" Now Available on Kindle.

"The House on Black Lake" is now available to on Kindle. Go to to purchase.  Other adaptations are in process of being set up.


Rights to Screenplay Adaptation of Novel "The House on Black Lake" Now Available!

I am happy to announce that I have completed screenplay for "The House on Black Lake". It was a rather simple process - a month of my time - as the novel was written in scenes that I visualized in the form of a movie. As I am an actress and have worked professionally as a producer, a script is what feels most comfortable to me.  Writing a novel is akin to taking on all jobs required in film production. You are writer, director, actor, set and lighting designer,  costume designer, etc. Once I had complete novel, it was a simple matter to record story's dialogue and blueprint.

I was advised in a workshop by acclaimed screenwriter guru Robert McGee that a screenwriter must write a thousand pages first, then write  script. And, that is what I have done. My next step is to get scrip into hands of producer. In the meantime, "The House on Black Lake" is building steam and many related projects are in the works.