The Victorian house on the island in "The House on Black Lake" shows evidence of paranormal activity. On her first night on the island Alexandra hears footsteps in hallway, sees mussed bedding as though a person was sitting at edge of bed looking out door, a light bulb explodes above her, and a hungry feline appears at the window. She later learns the history of the house and the island itself. Lost souls have lived in the house, and the island is not a land for the living.

My own experience in a house similar to the one described in the book was similar. Pictures taken at the house show a filmy substance in the windows and anyone who sees pics (taken on a happy summer day) look ominous. There was a very heavy energy throughout, especially in a winding stairway leading up to the bedrooms. I later learned the history of the house and the island and, indeed, there was both tragedy and debauchery in the house, and very mysterious circumstances.

We live in a modern society, often in buildings that have been lived in for only a generation or two, and our sick and injured are transported to hospitals for their final stay. But, for those residence where life has been depleted inside and the land is desecrated, then paranormal activity may be inevitable. We cannot see waves of energy that send our voices or image to other lands. Perhaps there is more to be learned about paranormal activity.

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