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20 Great Heartbreak Romance Novels

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Although I would not consider my novel a tear jerker, the characters are tormented and fight to overcome the pain of heartbreak throughout the story. It is the struggle to overcome heartbreak that generally leads to transformative change. Sometimes it is refreshing to experience the intense struggles of others to know that we are not alone in experiencing life's disappointments, tragedies, and thwarted passions. A good cry is therapeutic, an internal cleansing of sorts.

The following is a list of the top 20 romance novels that will break you heart.  Thanks to Amazon romance forum for input.

 Authors Linda Howard, Susan Johnson (particularly Wicked) Julie Garwood, Suzanne Brockman, and Sherilyn Kenyon, Judith McNaught,  are all masters of heartbreak.

In no particular order:

1. Bitter Eden, Sharon Salvato

2. Vulnerable, by Amy Lane

3. Ruby Dynasty Series - Catherine Asaro

4. Enchanted, by Elizabeth Lowell

5. The Notebook, by Nicholas Sparks

6. The Tempting Seals Series, by Lora Leigh, start with Dangerous Games, Hidden Agendas, Killer Secrets, Wild Card.

7. Dream a Little Dream, by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

8. When There is Hope, by Jane Goodger

9. The Crossroads Cafe, by Deborah Smith

10. At First Sight read True Believer first, by Nicholas Sparks

11. Pink Moon, by Stef Ann Holme

12. Jackson Rule, by Dinah McCall

13. Sugar Daddy and The Blue Eyed Devil, by Lisa Kleptas

14. Keegan's Lady, by Catherine Anderson

15. Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas, by James Patterson

16. To the Ends of , by Elizabeth Lowell

17. Redeeming Love, by Francine Rivers

18. Outlander Series, Diana Gabledon

19, A Knight in Shining Armor, by Jude Devereau

20. A Summer to Remember, Mary Balogh

Anastasia Blackwell in scene from trailer

Scene from "The House on Black Lake" trailer


Book Clubs - Romance Novel Discussions


 In the process of promoting my novel, I have spoken with many romance enthusiests and spent time researching forums devoted to the romance genre.  I have compled a list of the fifty most popular themes. Asterisks are placed next to topics touched upon in The House on Black Lake.

Book Clubs may want to use  list as  beginning of discussion, or have members write their own and create an extended list that can be forwarded along to community sites. Knowledgable readers may add title examples for each topic to create a resource for individuals to find books that appeal to them.  It is also helpful to the writers of romance novels to be aware of what their readers desire to experience. This is especially true if topics considered taboo are broached. Reading offers a great opportunity to release fear and repressed desires, and explore various aspects of ourselves and our life journey through the experiences of others.

 A number of the themes listed below, such as alpha males, dominant males, cheaters, and forced love are dealt with in my other blogs, including reading examples. I plan to add lists, and will soon make site open to readers suggessions, so please return for more information as it is gathered.

The list of popular themes in in no particular order.

l. A broken heart. The greatest reading choice for this seems to be "Stormfire.*

2. Man uses woman for revenge, kidnapped, seduced, etc. "Stormfire" again, this must be a great read.*

3. Good sex scenes, either explicit or implicit.*

4. Heroine nearly dies, hero is terrified, realizes how much he loves her. Even better, is when hero is directly, or indirectly responsible for putting heroine in jeopardy...*

5. Second chance ex-spouses.

6. Cheating hero.* This one is very popular. But, some want him to realize he loves his wife and family and wants them back.

7. Less than perfect heroes/heroines – scarred or disabled.

8. Rugged cowboy-types.*

9. Hero helps deliver his baby.

10. Heroine saves or rescues hero from harm.

11. Bad Boys.*

12. Pent up sexual frustration – repression.*

13. Great grovel scenes – where rugged hero breaks down.* This is very popular, and an ideal topic for discussion.

14. Hero disappears and reappears years later.

15. Steamy AND emotional scenes between lovers.”*

16. Romance – candlelit dinners, walks in the park. Etc.*

17. Obsessed or deeply in lust.*

18. Villain in love with heroine.*

19. Dominant, alpha males.*

20. Romance and thriller.*

21. Widowed hero grieving over first wife.

22. Vampire and paranormal love.

23. Vikings!.

24. Smutty historical romance.

25. H/H in historical garb.

26. Men with long (preferably dark) flowing hair*.

27. Alpha female who isn’t borderline abusive*

28. Hero bribes heroine to be with him.

29. Heroine playing hard to get.*

30. Drunken sex.*

31. Bad boy falls for nice girl.*

32 Virginal or repressed heroine who falls apart at the touch of the RIGHT man.*

33. Forced mate scenario in paranormal.

34. Jealous bad boy.*

35. Ménage romance.*

36. Incest.*

37. Two men competing for woman.*

38. Forced sex where h/h have strong connection.*

39. Sheik books and big hunky H’s and the feisty heroine.

40. Bad boy who bosses H around until they fall in love.*

41. Spanking/forced sex scenes.*

42. Love triangles.*

43. Bisexual love.*

44. Older women/younger men.*

45. Rugged/outdoorsy men.*

46. Heroine enjoys sex.*

47. Haunted places/ghosts.*

48. Tattoos, piercings, branding, etc.*

49. Beauty and the beast themes.*

50. Time travel – men in kilts, on island, or anywhere ancient.*

Well, that’s a beginning. The list says a lot about what women really want, and discussing these topics is a great exercise in female empowerment.

When Alexandra Brighton enters Black Lake she only knows what she has been taught by contemporary society. The lessons she learns in the underground teach her about her deeper desires and instincts. Some of the topics are a bit disturbing, but I believe all women desire to reconnect with baser animal instincts and enjoy the powerful union between the sexes.

Most of us love a good vampire tale.