The Best American Gothic Jewelry Designer

Marianna Harutunian is clearly one of the best, if not the best Gothic jewelry designer in the U.S.  The designer is of Armenian descent, but moved with her family to American when she was two years old, and is a true  American Dream success story. Her designs  have graced the fabulous bodies of  Lady Gaga (Judas Priest video), Pink, Cher, Diana Ross, and a host of other celebrities and fashionistas. Most recently her designs will be seen on characters in  vampire series, "True Blood". You too can wear her  cuffs, necklaces, bracelets, and body designs. The Lady Gaga  Judas cuff is available in 24 carat gold plate with Swarovski crystals. She also has bridal designs.

To view customs designs go to: ilovemariannas.com.

Be careful when wearing these pieces, men with dark desires are drawn to such art.

Scene from TV series " True Blood":