Give The Gift of Immortality To A Loved One This Christmas

Christmases come and go, and we rarely remember what we received the previous your, although at the time each gift seemed very important. This year you will have the opportunity to give a gift to a loved one that will last forever.  The Gift?  Their name featured in a published novel.

The First Amendment Project has come up with the unique idea of auctioning the opportunity to have your name, or the name of a friend or loved one, immortalized in a soon to be completed novel.

The auction is a benefit for First Amendment Project, the Oakland, CA-based nonprofit organization that provides free legal services on public interest free speech and free press issues.

In addition to the character name, the winning bidder in the “Weeds” auction will receive a signed copy of the pilot script, the box set of DVDs of the first five seasons of the series and a “Weeds” baseball cap. Among the other opportunities available at the auction, which can be found at http://3.ly/fapauction include the chance to be an FBI agent or a stripper with a heart of gold in the next entry in Suzanne Brockmann’s Troubleshooters series; a villain or a victim in Thomas Perry’s next entry in the Jane Whitefield series, a wounded World War I soldier or drunken Bohemian in Andrew Sean Greer’s next novel, as a character in a new musical by Janet Burroway, or a character in a cartoon series by Ben Katchor, Chris Ware or T Campbell. Young adult authors Dan Gutman and Kevin J. Anderson are offering character names in the next entries in their Baseball Card Adventures and Star Challengers series, respectively.

I have offered the opportunity to run away and join the circus in my new novel "The Chamber of Curiosities". The love story between a freak show giant and a beautiful young trapeze artist is set in a deserted bastion overlooking a seaport in a mysterious land. The winner bidder will not only have a character named after them, they will be alllowed to determine personal details and relationship to other characters.
This is the third character name auction for First Amendment Project. The first two auctions, held in 2005 and 2006, earned over $170,000 for the organization.