Top 50 Favorite Romantic Films

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 I am presently in discussions for marketing the screenplay of my novel.  As the visual representation of my story becomes eminent I have begun to consider what I find appealing in  films that feature romance.

My definition of " romantic" is : a passionate longing.  As with reality, the more thwarted the physical longing, dangerous, and evocative the setting, the more intense the romantic experience. With this in mind, I hope to create a visually  lush, sensuous, and dangerous romantic love story.

My favorites are in no particular order, although Casablanca, Gone with the Wind and Dr. Zhivago are universally accepted as the top romantic films of all time. I have tried to pick films of different times and genres to give a broad overview.

1. Casablanca

2. Dr. Zhivago

3. Ryan's Daughter

4. Mrs. Soffel

5. Bonnie and Clyde

6. A Summer Place

7. A Walk on the Moon

8. The Unbearable Lightness of Being

9. Reds

10. The Postman Always Rings Twice

11. The Last of the Mohicans

12. Titanic

13. The Graduate

14. From Here to Eternity

15. Queen Margot

16. An Officer and a Gentleman

17. Urban Cowboy

18. Out of Africa

19. Brokeback Mountain

20. The Big Easy

21.  Pride and Prejudice

22. Romeo and Juliet

23. Shakespeare in Love

24. Mountains of the Moon

25. The Age of Innocence

26. The Summer of '42

27. The Way We Were

28. Unfaithful

29. A Room with a View

30. Chocolat

31. Legends of the Fall

32. Gone with the Wind

33. Dirty Dancing

34. Dangerous Beauty

35. The Year of Living Dangerously

36. Love Story

37. The English Patient

38. Tristan and Isolde

39. Persuasion

40. Wuthering Heights

41. Swept From the Sea

42. The Phantom of the Opera

43. Dances with Wolves

44. Against All Odds

45. Body Heat

46. Splendor in the Grass

47. The Notebook

48. Revenge

49. The French Lieutenant's Woman

50. Atonement