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Clive Owen Speaks at Palace of Fine Arts


Enjoyed  conversation with Clive Own and Tabitha Soren at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco last night. He is in town filming Hemingway and Gilhorn with Nicole Kidman for HBO. He's just as suave and guarded in public as he is onscreen. I've yet to see an another actor best him in a scene, although one might call it a draw with  Denzel Washington. Easily one of the top ten men I'd like to work with in the future. It would most definitely be a duel to the death, as I never allow myself to be bested by a another actor. Can't recall a grovel scene with Clive, what a treat that would be for all the women fans out there. I've always believed Clive to be a good choice to play charismatic Ramey Sandeley. Ramey enters first scene fresh from branding animals, torn and sweaty, excuding feral virility. Would love to see Clive as both manipulative and charming and utterly frustrated at his vulnerability in the face of love and duty.

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Wade Gotwals - Charismatic Actor in House on Black Lake Trailer

It was a difficult task to find the the right actor to play the role of Ramey Sandeley for film trailer. When Alexandra first takes Ramey's eyes her previous life is shattered. Thirteen years later she describes him as even more powerfully handsome and charismatic.  In her words - "Someone once told me that God had give Ramey Sandeley too much, and so he had a price to pay. I prayed the prophecy to be true, or at least time would have tarnished his dealy allure. But that is not the case. I notice no evidence of decline in his physical perfection. The only difference is a mysterious darkness flickering beneath luminous gray eyes, a vague hint of a secret, dangerous and personal."  

 Wade Gotwalsl, who has been an international model and actor for nearly twenty years, was the perfect choice. He is an all American guy, who is a yoga guru and gorgeous in every way - personally and profesionally. Few men can reach full maturity and show no sign of age - and he is one of the lucky few.

Wade Russell


Romance On A Deserted Island

There is something quite alluring about a deserted island.  Experienced with the right partner it is possible to live out fantasies, unite with nature, do whateveryou desire, and no one will know.  Yet there is always the risk of danger that resides within the island. The creatures that inhabit the lonely piece of land may not be  friendly. And there is no way to escape  if you lose communication, means of transport, or someone wants to keep you  prisoner.

That is what Alexandra faces as she is lured by the Sandeley's to stay in a Victorian on a deserted island.  Initially she is terrified of the house, the isolation, and her lack of conrol over the situation. When she is taken to revisit the site by young lover, Andre, her moment of seduction is at first alluring and romantic, but turns deadly.

World weary and longing for simplicity we may fantasize about such a habitat. But is the romantic notion a desire to free ourselves from the confines of civilization? Or is it a deeper desire - to escape the confines  of ourselves and release our baser, more animalistic natures?

Photographs taken in Golden Gate Park and Stern Grove - features Tosh Yanez as Andre Labat and Anastasia Blackwell as Alexandra Brighton depicting scenes in "The House on Black Lake".