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Static Trapeze Photographs From "The House on Black Lake" Music Video Shoot

Trapezepro was host at Sky Ranch in Sonoma for "Dangerous Games" music video. Aerial artists Tanya Henkle-Hoover and Marek Kaszuba are featured in video.


Top Ten Alpha Females in Romance Novels

Normally, it is the alpha man that is associated with romance novels. However, there are plenty of alpha females, and their presence in a novel generally takes it to the next level. In the wild, with all social animals, there are alpha males that rule alone, with other males, or with a female. The alphas are the first to eat and mate and the others in the group will usually follow them anywhere,  so they determine fate of community. A king and queen would be the most obvious examples of male/female in the human community.

When I began to write "The House on Black Lake I desired to plot the evolution of a woman worn down by society who had no idea she possessed an alpha spirit. Rather than forging a story of a weak woman who became strong, I chose to illuminate the struggle of a strong woman who had been weakened by society.  In the case of heroine Alexandra Brighton, it was her alpha power that had caused her to be subjigated and left bereft of her rightful place in society. In her case the empowered alpha males of society did not wish female empowerment to intrude - and the entire societal infrastructure, the church, educational system, judicial system, and other women reinforced keeping her down rather than supporting Alexandra. I realized as the book evolved that Alexandra's only possibility of freedom from psychological and emotional imprisonment was an alpha male that had gone renegade from the pack.

Alexandra's relationship with Ramey Sandeley and her transformative journey through the French Canadian underground recounts the process of reclamation of spirt and ultimate empowerment. She goes from outcast at story's beginning to alpha at story's end. And the two sequels to The House on Black  lead her to fulfill her ultimate potential. But, she is not the kick-ass kind, although she can be ruthless if pushed to the edge. Her strength lies, as with all true alphas, in intelligence, wisdom, integrity, inner and outer beauty, spirituality, comfort with sexuality, and an an unwavering belief that she is following her manifest destiny. If challenged she will fight to the death to defend her god give rights.  True strength, as with true beauty, lies in belief in oneself and a greater spiritual purpose. The fact that she is confronted and challenged to grow by a male of her own breed gives her the added thrust that only a soulmate connection can offer.

Following are the top ten alpha females in romance novels. List was culled from romance forums. Thanks to readers for your insights.

1. Eve Dallas, In Death Series,  by J.R. Robb

2. Sabine, Kiss of a Demon, Immortals After Dark Series by Kresly Cole

3. Sam Jellicoe, Flirting with Danger by Suzanne Enoch

4. Thalia, Warrior, Zoe Archer

5. Gillian, Crazy Sweet, by Tara Jantzen

6. Xher, Lover Mine, from Black Dagger Brotherhood Series, by JR. Ward

7. Elena, Angel's Blood, Guild Hunter Series by Nalini Singh

8. Claire Day, Shadows at Midnight by Elizabeth Jennings

9. Catherine (Cat) Crawford, Halfway to the Grave10. Renata, Veil of Midnight, Night Huntress Series by  Lara Adrian

10. Angarad of Meriel The Tide of Destiny,  paranormal, Druids of Destiny Series by Shanna Murchison


Cirque du Soleil, Quidam, Touring California

Quidam, a Cirque de Soleil show featuring a lonely soul navigating the course of life. The show is an extravagant spectacle of first rate aerial arts and acrobatics. The scene design is exquisite and the music original and inspiring. It is a show not to be missed. I saw the show at the Cow Palace in San Francisco, which I believed to be a very bad choice for the show. However, I found the grand size (with lights low to not see vast seating areas) gives breathing room for the aerial acrobatics. Those who have never seen such a show are left speechless at shows end.

After touring California it moves on to other states. Get your tickets now!

To view dramatic trailer and purchases tickets go to:


Clive Owen Speaks at Palace of Fine Arts


Enjoyed  conversation with Clive Own and Tabitha Soren at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco last night. He is in town filming Hemingway and Gilhorn with Nicole Kidman for HBO. He's just as suave and guarded in public as he is onscreen. I've yet to see an another actor best him in a scene, although one might call it a draw with  Denzel Washington. Easily one of the top ten men I'd like to work with in the future. It would most definitely be a duel to the death, as I never allow myself to be bested by a another actor. Can't recall a grovel scene with Clive, what a treat that would be for all the women fans out there. I've always believed Clive to be a good choice to play charismatic Ramey Sandeley. Ramey enters first scene fresh from branding animals, torn and sweaty, excuding feral virility. Would love to see Clive as both manipulative and charming and utterly frustrated at his vulnerability in the face of love and duty.

More about Clive and lots of pics at:


Corset by Timeless Trends

Timeless Trends is a wonderful source for corsets. Their garments are beautifully constructed, their prices are reasonable and  customer service is first rate. After considering many different sources for corset worn in "The House on Black Lake" music video, I chose the one I wear below. More styles and designs are available on their website:


Static Trapeze Performance by Trapezepro of Sonoma

A beautiful static trapeze act was choreographed and performed for The House on Black Lake  music video.

Marek and Tanya of Trapezepro Circus Arts in Sonoma


Blonde Gothic


Anastasia Blackwell poses during filming of music video for "The House on Black Lake", featuring aerial artists from Trapezepro on Sky Ranch in Sonoma.


Photographs From "The House on Black Lake" Music Video

Trapezepro Circus Arts in Sonoma

A provocative music video depicting scene from contemporary gothic suspense, "The House on Black Lake" , filmed by Frazer Bradshaw is currently being edited. This site is currently not taking the large file sizes, so will download others as site allows.

Anastasia Blackwell


Trapezepro Aerial Artists Perform in "The House on Black Lake" Music Video

The stunning photograph of Trapezepro aerial artists, Marek Kaszuba, Tanya, and Keith Hoover was taken during  rehearsing for "The House on Black Lake" music video at Sky Ranch in Sonoma.

Trapezepro Aerial Artists


Anastasia Blackwell Reads Novel "The House on Black Lake" on Blogtalkradio

Anastasia Blackwell reads Chapter Eighteen of "The House on Black Lake" on blogtalkradio. Chapters one through seventeen can be read in archive. She will read further chapters in coming weeks.

To listen to oral interpretation of novel go to: