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Cirque du Soleil, Quidam, Touring California

Quidam, a Cirque de Soleil show featuring a lonely soul navigating the course of life. The show is an extravagant spectacle of first rate aerial arts and acrobatics. The scene design is exquisite and the music original and inspiring. It is a show not to be missed. I saw the show at the Cow Palace in San Francisco, which I believed to be a very bad choice for the show. However, I found the grand size (with lights low to not see vast seating areas) gives breathing room for the aerial acrobatics. Those who have never seen such a show are left speechless at shows end.

After touring California it moves on to other states. Get your tickets now!

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Trapeze Pro Sonoma

         A quest to fulfill a lifelong dream of performing the flying trapeze led me to Trapeze Pro Sonoma. The school is situated on magical Sky Ranch, which is owned by reknowned author, professor and philosopher, Sam Keen. The school is run by Marek Kaszuba, who is a world class trapeze and circus arts instructor, who has had students go on to careers at Cirque du Soleil and Ringling Brothers. I visited the school a number of times as I wrote "The House on Black Lake". The ranch will soon be the site of a music video incorporating static and flying trapeze with Marek and Tanya Hoover with new song "Dangerous Games" by Peter Busboon. 
         It is a spiritual experience to fly like a bird and be caught by a man in mid air. I recommend it to everyone, no matter your age, physical strength, or flexibility.
More info about Trapeze Pro Sonoma at :


My novel was not only influenced by Cavalia, it was also influenced by Cirque Du Soleil. Few know that the Cirque began as a few vagabond players on street on street corners in Montreal  Such acts fill the scenes of my book, and I look forward to seeing the new show. The integration of every medium of art is truly inspiring. My passion for the flying trapeze began in the little circus that came through my small town as a child, but grew to a passion after seeing the performers in these shows.

You can check out schedules for all shows at

Picture take by David Wilson while filming trailer inside Chateau Tivoli in San Francisco