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Wade Gotwals - Charismatic Actor in House on Black Lake Trailer

It was a difficult task to find the the right actor to play the role of Ramey Sandeley for film trailer. When Alexandra first takes Ramey's eyes her previous life is shattered. Thirteen years later she describes him as even more powerfully handsome and charismatic.  In her words - "Someone once told me that God had give Ramey Sandeley too much, and so he had a price to pay. I prayed the prophecy to be true, or at least time would have tarnished his dealy allure. But that is not the case. I notice no evidence of decline in his physical perfection. The only difference is a mysterious darkness flickering beneath luminous gray eyes, a vague hint of a secret, dangerous and personal."  

 Wade Gotwalsl, who has been an international model and actor for nearly twenty years, was the perfect choice. He is an all American guy, who is a yoga guru and gorgeous in every way - personally and profesionally. Few men can reach full maturity and show no sign of age - and he is one of the lucky few.

Wade Russell


Morla Gorrondona - Stunning Actress in House on Black Lake Trailer

When I searched through the talent agency rosters I knew exactly what I was looking for. Nicole Kidman might have been a choice, but I was looking for a different look - with the same flaming red hair - yet with a darker spirit. When I first met Morla I knew she was right to play the part of Ruth Sandeley - the broken beauty. Morla is a powerful presence, but she exhudes the dark side (perhaps due to her upbringing in New Orleans). She has a great look that makes her a sought after model, yet she is also a well trained actress. So, scenes we shot with little time or preparation as an indie team were made easier due to her professionalism.

She is a rare gem - a flaming beauty with great talent and style.

Morla Gorrondona


What Women REALLY want!


I have compiled a list from the Romance Community at to learn what women REALLY want - to read about. This does not necessary mean they really want the experience, but they either want to know or fantasize about it. Or, perhaps they actually desire the opportunity to experience it - at least once in their lives.

Asterisks are placed next to topics touched upon in “The House on Black Lake”.

You may want to add your own, cut and paste, and forward list to female/and or male friends. After all, we must let our men know what we desire from our partners.

The list is in no particular order, latest topic first.

l. A broken heart. The greatest reading choice for this seems to be "Stormfire.*

2. Man uses woman for revenge, kidnapped, seduced, etc. "Stormfire again, this must be a great read.*

3. Good sex scenes, either explicit or implicit.*

4. Heroine nearly dies, hero is terrified, realizes how much he loves her. Even better, is when hero is directly, or indirectly responsible for putting heroine in jeopardy...*

5. Second chance ex-spouses.

6. Cheating hero.* This one is very popular. But, some want him to realize he loves his wife and family and wants them back.

7. Less than perfect heroes – scarred or disabled.

8. Rugged cowboy-types.*

9. Hero helps deliver his baby.

10. Heroine saves or rescues hero from harm.

11. Bad Boys.*

12. Pent up sexual frustration – repression.*

13. Great grovel scenes – where rugged hero breaks down.*

14. H disappears and reappears years later.

15. Steamy AND emotional scenes between lovers.”

16. Romance – candlelit dinners, walks in the park. Etc.*

17. Obsessed or deeply in lust.*

18. Villain in love with heroine.*

19. Dominant, alpha males.*

20. Romance and thriller.*

21. Widowed hero grieving over first wife.

22. Vampire and paranormal love.

23. Vikings!.

24. Smutty historical romance.

25. H/H in historical garb.

26. Men with long (preferably dark) flowing hair*.

27. Alpha female who isn’t borderline abusive*

28. Hero bribes heroine to be with him.

29. Heroine playing hard to get.*

30. Drunken sex.*

31. Bad boy falls for nice girl.*

32 Virginal or repressed heroine who falls apart at the touch of the RIGHT man.*

33. Forced mate scenario in paranormal.

34. Jealous bad boy.*

35. Ménage romance.*


37. Two men competing for woman.*

38. Forced sex where h/h have strong connection.*

39. Sheik books and big hunky H’s and the feisty heroine.

40. Bad boy who bosses H around until they fall in love.*

41. Spanking/forced sex scenes.*

42. Love triangles.*

43. Bisexual love.*

44. Older women/younger men.*

45. Rugged/outdoorsy men.*

46. Heroine enjoys sex.*

47. Haunted places/ghosts.*

48. Tattoos, piercings, etc.*

49. Beauty and the beast themes.

50. Time travel – men in kilts, on island or anywhere ancient.

Well, that’s a beginning. This list says a lot about what women really want. Include your own. Think deeply and learn a little more about yourself.

When Alexandra Brighton enters Black Lake she only knows what she has been taught by contemporary society. The lessons she learns in the underground teach her about her deeper desires and instincts. Some of the topics are a bit disturbing, but I think we all just want to reconnect with our baser animal instincts and enjoy the powerful union between the sexes. Playfulness is the key!




For mature fans of the Twilight series, there is reason to rejoice. Though the trilogy of vampire love has a great Romeo and Juliette storyline, with endless foreplay leading up to the bite that will bring death, it is written for teenagers. So, if you are hungry for a love story, and love triangle, and desire to enter a dark world, with magic and madness, then your wish will be fulfilled when you take the journey to Black Lake.


Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Your Local Book Store All Now Carry "The House on Black Lake".

It's official! "The House on Black Lake" is now available to purchase. It's been a long journey to create book design, trailers, music videos, etc. But the journey has only begun. I look forward to promoting book and meeting friends worldwide to discuss book and promote artistic endeavors.  Please feel free to e-mail me regarding any questions or thoughts regarding the themes and issues of my novel.



My novel was not only influenced by Cavalia, it was also influenced by Cirque Du Soleil. Few know that the Cirque began as a few vagabond players on street on street corners in Montreal  Such acts fill the scenes of my book, and I look forward to seeing the new show. The integration of every medium of art is truly inspiring. My passion for the flying trapeze began in the little circus that came through my small town as a child, but grew to a passion after seeing the performers in these shows.

You can check out schedules for all shows at

Picture take by David Wilson while filming trailer inside Chateau Tivoli in San Francisco



I was greatly inspired by my experience watch the show, Cavalia. My experience infused the scenes in my novel where dynamic horses are featured.

A bit about the show: 

 "For the first time on stage, the equestrian arts are infused with unprecedented magic and emotion.  Cavalia is a multimedia extravaganza giving homage to the poignant history and fascination bond between human beings and horses. Cavalia is a poem written in the language of sound, image and extraordinary performance, blending dramatic visual effects, live music, dance and acrobatics with the bold presence of over sixty magnificent horses, Cavalia raises the bar for spectacular events in in the 21st century." (quote from site) You MUST experience this show. It is no coincidence that the stunning show originated in the land where my book takes place, Montreal.

What you tame you must care for the rest of your life.



Plans are in the works for a book launching party - tentative date is May 7th and are in discussion with a great gallery/lounge in San Francisco. More details are to come, but it is certain we will have live band A/V great food and drinks. Also, contemporary gothic jewelry and accessories will be available to purchase. The theme is dark romance and all are encouraged to come dressed in the style and with the attitude. Get ready to celebrate!!!



The day we shot the scenes in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco was absolutely gorgeous. Normally in April it is cold and windy, but it was hot. I had the honour of being rowed by gorgeous super model Tosh Yanez across the lake. It was the perfect backdrop to film the scene of Andre rowing Alexandra out to revisit the house on the island.

Rowboats can be rented seven days a week, all year.  I recommend it as a romantic interlude. The scenery is stunning. It truly makes you feel like you are in your own romance novel. It's wonderful to fall in love, if only for the day.



When Alexandra enters the Sandeley's summer home, the first thing she sees is a lineup of  mounted animal head trophies. I never imaged  would find a house with such specimens in the entryway. So, I was quite shocked when I first entered the elegant Chateau Tivoli B and B in San Francisco and saw the mounted animals heads in the in the entryway. I immediately new that I must shoot the film trailer in this beautifu historicl Victorian hotel.