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The Best Face Cream in the World

A reader asked me to post the name and a link to the face cream I use, since it can't be found in stores.  I have tried most of the reputed creams on the market, including Cream de Mer, and find Comfort Zone Sublime Cream is the best. I t is imported from Italy and is very difficult to find, except online.  I love all of their products, especially the  Eye Supreme, cleanser and night cream. The products are expensive, so if there is only one purchase it should be the Sublime Cream.

If Comfort Zone is out of your budget I recommend the UK's favorite import Boots No. 7 Lift and Luminate Cream which is very reasonable, light and nongreasy, hypoallergetic and broad spectrum SPF 15  Oprah has recommended the Boots No. 7 Intense Serum. I also love Boots No. 7 Highlights Illuminating Lotion for an overall glow and great cheekbone accent, and Boots No 7 Gentle Cleanser, which gently removes all make-up, including mascara. The Boots products are extremely reasonable and effective. I have also tried their lipsticks and foundation and have been happy with every one of my purchases.

Since The House on Black lake explores the magic potions of the underground, I thought I would share my own little secrets.  And as a single mom with little time for self pampering, I love to find products that provide great results and share them with my friends.




Top 20 Bad Girl Gone Good Romance Novels

Ruth Sandeley in The House on Black Lake is a bad girl gone good, gone bad

The House on Black Lake features Alexandra Brighton, a good girl who goes bad (by society's standards), but it also features Ruth Sandeley, a former bad girl turned good, whose circumstances have turned back to her bad roots. It is always intriguing to read the story of a bad girl who reforms. Listed below are a few of the most popular tales.

The list is in no particular order.

1. The Rake, Susan Enoch Series

2. Rescue Me, Christy Reese Series

3. Kiss Me While I Sleep, Linda Howard

4. Stolen Heart, Elizabeth Nauthon

5. The Devil to Pay, Liz Carlyle

6. No Man's Mistress, Mary Balogh

7. Dirty Money, Ashley Jaquavis

8. Death Angel, Linda Howard

9. Ricochet , Sandra Brown

10. Ain't She Sweet, Susan Elizabeth

11. Lead Me On, Pearl Island Trilogy, Victoria Dahl

12. Untie My Heart, Judith Ivory

13. The Bridal Season, Connie Brockway

14. The Charade, Laura Lee Guhine

15. Faking it, Jennifer Crusie

16. The McCloud Brothers, Shannon McKenna

17. Ultimate Weapon, Shannon McKenna

18. Heart of Glass, L.A. Dale

19. The Devil Who Tamed Her, Johanna Lindsey

20. Immortality, Maggie Shayne


Anastasia Blackwell Interview on Horses of the Apocalypse in Novel

In a series of interviews in historic Jacksonville, Oregon I was asked about the horses who lead Alexandra and Ramey to their destiny The House on Black Lake. Here are a few of my thoughts on the subject:





Anastasia Blackwell Interview on Venice Poet who Inspired First Page of Novel

In a series of interviews set in historic Jacksonville, Oregon I talked about the Venice Beach poet who inspired me to begin to write 'The House on Black Lake, a story inspired by a powerful personal experience.  Here are my thoughts:



Historic First Documented Original Music Video Based on Novel 'The House on Black Lake'

A music video filmed by acclaimed cinematographer Fraser Bradshaw, and featuring the suspenseful music of  Russian artist, Andrew Oudet ,is  the first documented music video based on scenes from a novel. The video was filmed at reknowed author Sam Keene's ranch in Sonoma and features Trapeze Arts performers in a suspenseful and sexy peek into the world of The House on Black Lake.



Anastasia Blackwell Interview on Trap of Women Who Marry for Money

In a recent interview at the Ashland Shakespeare Festival in Oregon I was asked about the character of Ruth Sandeley, wife of wealthy Ramey Sandeley in The House on Black Lake. Here are my thoughts:



Anastasia Blackwell Reveals Inspiration for Novel 'The House on Black Lake'