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Historic First Documented Original Music Video Based on Novel 'The House on Black Lake'

A music video filmed by acclaimed cinematographer Fraser Bradshaw, and featuring the suspenseful music of  Russian artist, Andrew Oudet ,is  the first documented music video based on scenes from a novel. The video was filmed at reknowed author Sam Keene's ranch in Sonoma and features Trapeze Arts performers in a suspenseful and sexy peek into the world of The House on Black Lake.



"Dangerous Shadows" from "The House on Black Lake" is First Documented Music Video for Novel

"Dangerous Shadows", a new HD music video based on novel "The House on Black Lake" by Anastasia Blackwell explores the contemporary gothic suspense in a unique form. Filmed by award winning cinematographer Frazer Bradshaw with original music by Andrew Oudot, the moody piece incorporates flying and static trapeze acts.

The video was filmed at author Sam Keen's Sky Ranch in Sonoma and incorporates Trapeze Pro, a circus skills school located on the property.


Halloween 2011: Treat Yourself to Dark/Sexy New Music Video "Dangerous Shadows"

Get into spirit of Halloween by viewing new music video "Dangerous Shadows". The video stylistically recreates harrowing scene from "The House on Black Lake" by Anastasia Blackwell. The moody piece was filmed at author Sam Keen's ranch in Sonoma by renowned cinematographer Frazer Bradshaw. Evocative music was scored by Russian composer/filmmaker Andrew Oudot. Corset by Timeless Trends.

To view video go to Home Page or click on link below:






First Documented Music Video Based on novel features Dramatic Trapeze Act

An historic music video for contemporary gothic suspense, "The House on Black Lake" is scheduled for release late September, 2011.


Aptly titled "Dangerous Shadows", the stylistic video depicts a dramatic scene from the novel. The video opens with a woman being chased through lush landscape as she seeks to escape hooded figures in preparation for what appears to be a pagan ritual, and climaxes with a stunning trapeze act. The piece was filmed by award winning cinematographer Frazer Bradshaw. An evocative orchestral composition with heavy percussion, by Russian filmmaker/music composer Andrew Oudet, lends tension, foreboding, emotional resonance, and effectively stands on its own as downloadable dance or background music.

The video was shot at renowned philosopher/author Sam Keen’s Sky Ranch in Sonoma. Trapeze rig featured is a permanent fixture on the property and home to Trapeze Pro, a prominent Bay Area circus skills school. Professional performers Marek Kaszuba, Tanya Hoover, Keith Hoover, Jake Minkoff, and John Arnst are featured in the flying sequences. In addition, unique, never before performed trapeze tricks, including "The Heroine’s Journey", were created as part of choreography by trapeze trapeze duo Hoover/Kaszuba for interpretation of the novel’s climactic scene.

Author/actress Anastasia Blackwell produced, directed, and performs in video. The ground breaking piece joins a trailer she created for her debut novel, as well as videos and teasers featuring original photography, sound design, and spoken word.

Time will tell if the unique idea will spread to indie authors and publishing houses and create a new genre of music and means of promotion for literature. The potential appears unlimited, with millions of books lining shelves of libraries and online catalogues worldwide, languidly waiting for an infusion of life.

"The House on Black Lake" has been adapted to screenplay and author is in negotiation for rights. To learn more about project and view other videos go to Home Page.

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"The House on Black Lake" Music Video Villain Exposed

In soon to be released music video "Dangerous Games", actor/trapeze artist, Keith Hoover plays both the terrifying  head posse of the clan of black robes sent to sacrifice heroine Alexandra, and also her trapeze flying savior. 

 Tanya Henkle Hoover is stunt double/trapeze artist featured with him below, performing new flying tapeze trick "Heroine's Journey".

Photographs courtesy of Dave Miller Photography. Filmed at Sky Ranch in Sonoma, home of Trapeze Pro trapeze and circus arts instruciton.


Ground Breaking New Music Video For "The House on Black Lake"

The first documented music video created for scene in novel was shot on Sunday at Sky Ranch in Sonoma. Frazer Bradshaw served as DP. The HD video features Anastasia Blackwell with performers from Trapeze Pro providing stunts. The project will soon be edited, with an original song called "Dangerous Games".

Anastasia Blackwell poised against tree at Sky Ranch during shoot for music video. Frazer Bradshaw DP


Trapeze Artists Slated To Recreate Scene From Novel In Music Video

Noted trapeze artists Tanya Henkle-Hoover and Marek Kaszuba will perform a romantic reenactment of mystical love scene in "The House on Black Lake".  Original music will be composed and performed to accomany the performers, to be filmed on private ranch in Sonoma.

Details are still the the works. Check back for update.


Oggi Beat To Perform at "The House on Black Lake Book Launch"

.. Oggi Beat (pronounced 'Oh-Jee, Italian for 'Today') is the creation of Bay Area musicians Tim Honan (Bass + laptop) and Greg Galbreath (Keys + Laptop), and is a fusion of band & machine. The music weaves together strands of rock, electronica, lounge, funk, dub, techno, and jazz. Check out their music at


Sexy Hotel Beds


Actors Tosh Yanez and Anastasia Blackwell recreate scene from The House on Black Lake in Aimee Crocker Room of Chateau Tivoli in San Francisco. The hotel bed is nearly a character itself, a most spendid and sensuous piece of art.

        The carved and veiled four poster, spread with luscious linens, can be found in the Aimee Crocker room of the Chateau Tivoli in San Francisco.  A similar curtained and mirrored bed, with intricate carved dark wood, is housed in the Mark Twain Suite. The opulent Luisa Tetrazzini suite was also featured in  trailer for book. The bed is a luxuriously carved queen canopy from the Charles De Gaulle estate, with a private parlor with fireplace.

        Chateau Tivoli B& B is an opulently restored Victorian mansion located in San Francisco’s historic Alamo Square district. Built in 1892 as a private home and restored a century later, it features had-carved woodwork, crystal, chandeliers, period wall paper and oriental rugs. It hosted all interior shots of “The House on Black Lake interior videos, including the mysterious basement rooms with hovering ceilings.

        The unusual décor and luscious beds of the Tivoli can be viewed in trailer on home page.  More information on the Chateau Tivoli at