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Historic First Documented Original Music Video Based on Novel 'The House on Black Lake'

A music video filmed by acclaimed cinematographer Fraser Bradshaw, and featuring the suspenseful music of  Russian artist, Andrew Oudet ,is  the first documented music video based on scenes from a novel. The video was filmed at reknowed author Sam Keene's ranch in Sonoma and features Trapeze Arts performers in a suspenseful and sexy peek into the world of The House on Black Lake.



Controversial New Photographs From "The House on Black Lake" Music Video

The first documented music video based on a scene from a novel is in post production. The video for contemporary gothic suspense, "The House on Black Lake" was filmed by acclaimed cinematographer Frazer Bradshaw at reknowned author Sam Keen's ranch in Sonoma. The piece also features work of Trapeze Pro aerial artists performing a new flying/ static trapeze act called "The Heroine's Journey".

It will feature a dramatic new song, titled "Dangerous Games" . Keith Hoover, Elliot Shoenbart, and John W. Arnst play roles in drama and are featured in photographs.

Photographs courtesy of Dave Miller Photography.

Anastasia Blackwell, Keith Hoover, John W. Arnst



Ground Breaking New Music Video For "The House on Black Lake"

The first documented music video created for scene in novel was shot on Sunday at Sky Ranch in Sonoma. Frazer Bradshaw served as DP. The HD video features Anastasia Blackwell with performers from Trapeze Pro providing stunts. The project will soon be edited, with an original song called "Dangerous Games".

Anastasia Blackwell poised against tree at Sky Ranch during shoot for music video. Frazer Bradshaw DP


Red Riding Hood Movie - A Gothic Treat


The new Red Riding Hood Movie, by Twilight director, Catherine Hardwicke enters the foggy world of the werewolf. The new film stars Amanda Seyfied and Gary Oldman as inhabitants of a medieval village plagued by the the beast.  Many believe the film an excuse to lure Twilight fans, but it also feeds a deeper need to go deeper, to investigate the darker aspects of life.

The cinematographer has exquisite elements, nearly archetypal in their grace.

Trailer from new gothic suspense:


The House on Black Lake Filmed Book Trailer - Sammy and Alexandra arrive at Black Lake

Photograph by David Wilson

House on Black Lake - filmed at Chateau Tivoli B&B in San Francisco - Actors Morla Gorrondona, Anastasia Blackwell and Benny Duskin -Photograph by David Wilson

Greeting Friends:

Sorry for being  off site  for the last week. I spent the time networking in Los Angeles with my sister, Kathleen, and working with her in sifting through photographs to use in the book's interior. Also, I have been commiserating with Robert Aulicino on the interior design of book and incorporation of visuals. David Wilson shot photographs during filming and I will be sharing these images with you on a daily basis.

The trailer is now complete and ready to be aired once the book is published, which should be very soon. Peter Busboom did an amazing job of creating an evocative film score that creates an emotional journey that is both intriguing and truly frightening in the best sense of the word.

So now we begin the visual journey, and a taste of what is to come. 

We find Alexandra and Sammy welcomed into the Sandeley's home.

Benny Duskin protrays Samuel and Morla Gorrondona the unstable, but alluring Ruth Sandeley. I protray the role of the fragile /nearly broken, Alexandra Brighton, who is about to take the journey of a lifetime.